Monday, February 28, 2011

We meet again..brick wall...


I have decided after much..MUCH debate, I need a new vision for my blog. After watching "Julia & Julia", it occurred to me, i need my blog to be about ONE main topic. I just can't seem to choose one! I feel like if i have ONE MAIN issue to revolve around, i will have an easier time coming up with ideas for blogs. Now..I have pondered many different roads...

  • Beauty..?
  • Fashion...for normal women?
  • Food?
  • Restoraunt reviews?
  • Relationships?
  • do some kind of experiment (ie. Julia & but i have NO idea what..?
And this is as far as I get... SO, i need help..from YOU! I need ideas...what would u enjoy reading about??? what do ya see..what do ya know..???help!!!

On a completely unrelated topic..Keith and I went to "Tasty Tomato" tonight and it was REALLY good! They have this "3 course dinner" special going right now, Monday-Thursday for $17.99!! It wasn't a big menu, but the price is right and the food was pretty darn good...and the palce is really cute and italian.

SO ANYWAYS..back to my point. I NEED HELP...gimme ideas...ANYTHING at this point..seriously. Hell if you want sex..I'll get ya sex..I just MAY not post it to facebook as much haha. So lay it on me friends.

Desperatly yours,
-Laura xoxoxo


  1. I hear ya on the one topic to focus on, I seem to have been doing alot of that lately myself. Not too sure what you can focus on though.

  2. I've really liked reading everything you've written so far, I like how so far you've made me think of things I haven't thought of much. Like, I've been thinking TONS about fake eye lashes, I mean, I've worn them before, but only for costumes and such.

    I think it's a good idea to pick something to focus on, although I wouldn't completely limit yourself to that topic.

    (Also, glad to see a new post)