Wednesday, February 16, 2011


So here I work...planning what crops to plant on Cityville, and how long they will take and will I have time to harvest them before the work day is over??? best plant the 5 minute strawberries..just be on the safe side,..don't wanna become a work-a-holic after all...

Did you enjoy that mental image??? I Hope so, i know I'm enjoying the reality. Actually, truth is, it is a little known fact that, we, as humans deliberately find ways to distract ourselves from our everyday work. Constantly checking emails, checking your phone for a text-er- I mean time, checking out facebook to see if your crops are ready yet..or if anything interesting is happening to anyone...hell YOU even waste time to creep on certain people on facebook, i know I do. So, my point is reader...WHAT THE HELL DID WE DO BEFORE FACEBOOK??? Seriously...I've had the Internet for most of my life, having a computer growing up with ridiculously slooooooow dial-up, and I didn't actually get into facebook until maybe 4.5 years ago. I must have been doing SOMETHING on here....or maybe i was doing other living my life or maybe even buckling down and doing some good old fashioned work.

This got me thinking...what do i do when I need to shut my techie brain down and unwind?? I have no darn idea. if I'm not on my computer either blogging or doing my usual facebook creeping, most likely I'm thinking about doing it...and who my next victim is.  Turns out I really need to tap back into reality and REAL relationships with people...not status updates and event invitations. I miss the days when you had a simple cell phone and actually had to CALL someone, and don't get me wrong I LIVE for texting, but when I do actually get that phone call form my mother, who btw, refuses to own a cell phone, it snaps me back into a real human being and missing the sound of another persons voice. I will admit my biggest reason for not talking on the phone very much is because i don't really like it. Unless I have a DOOZEY of a story and its too long to text. Otherwise, i hate awkward silences and the old .."alright we'll ill yak at ay later...ok!...ok?...ok!...okbye...bye." Its so weird and if anyone has suggestions for normal telephone "goodbye" please lay it on me. Texting is just laziness really...but I feel we're all sord of losing that real connection that is second nature to us all.

Come to think of it, because of facebook, there is really no need for High School Reunions anymore. Why? because every damn person you went to high school with is on your facebook...constantly updating status and you see pictures of their wedding and babies, etc. Hell even the people you HATED in high school are now on your facebook, as if facebook has brought you together and made you completely for get about your god, what have we become ha ha. Somedays, i feel its getting to be a bit much. the fact that I get ads on the side of my facebook based on my looks/personality obviously means someones constantly watching you and keeping track of your crap. I get ads for "plus size clothes". No correct me if iam wrong, but i don't really advertise that on my facebook..."Laura Macyk is fat"!!!" has never been my status. So, they must see my pix and go hay! She'll be into this. Its kind of horrifying and very NOT private if you ask me. But when i begin thinking this way, i remember my crops have most likely harvested and I'm back in facebook mode.

Anyways, that's enough of that for now, just wanted to give you something to think about. have a wonderful afternoon!

- Love, laura xoxox


  1. That's a question I as asking a little while ago too! The answers I got were:

    Chatting on MSN (which I don't even do AT ALL anymore), adding pictures or poems or other artsy things on my deviantart account, checking email, googling stupid crap... and occasionally playing free and fun online games.

  2. hmmm i used to do the same i suppose...but it seems like FB has erased all need to do any of those things....occasionally on a sunday night i'll bust open MSN or Yahoo...and reminisk about the past lol