Friday, February 4, 2011

OOo Sweet Pain..

So it turns out I haven't done any blogs in a little bit :( , lucky for you though, I JUST got home from having my wisdom teeth pulled out! And thankfully, they were all simple extractions and now my whole head is sucks...and I think I have FINALLY stopped was gross, I looked aweful. Isn't it just the way, you see all these people you'd rather NOT see when your mouth is stuffed full of cotton and your drooling blood and saliva and don't even notice it...EXAMPLE: My mum dropped me off, and in the Lobby were these 2 young girls asking if we had 3 bedrooms in picture this: Im standing there, and I can see their obviously starring at my mouth, and i manage to muffle out: "i,,jus have orial sergery..I no goo pursin to ak" and they laughed and I walked in and getting onto the elevator, i didnt see these too VERY good looking guys come out and smile...and I thinking "ok so maybe i dont look THAT aweful..." AND I get upstairs to my place and walk into my bathroom (my cats meowing and is somehow trapped in the hall closet..) and I glance in the mirror to get the cotton out and I have this LINE of DRIED BLOOD dripping down my Chin, which im SURE everyone saw on the way up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OH EHM GHEE! how embarrassing is right...

Anyways, I just wanted to share that story with you...and btw, my cat is fine...he somehow got trapped in there..i doubt he was in for very long tho, i hope! But i shall go...i'm tired...all that fear/shaking/anxiety can really take alot outta ya! Peace for now my faithful readers...

- Love, Laura xoxox


  1. Cousin...

    You are not the only one who has had this experience. When I had mine done...the office is in Kingsway mall. After having all 4 pulled while awake, my face speckled with dried blood I have to meander over to the pharmacy to get drugs and of course they ask questions. I tried to just give them id, benefit card, and presciption to avoid talking. avail. Made me which I drooled blood all over myself. Yeah...very classy. The pharamacist has a look of disgust and I smile shyly and meander back to await my uncle/ride.

    I am sure there was handsome fellas on route..but as traumatising as the even was...I blocked the rest of it!

    Ohh...and word of advice!! NO STRAWS OR NOODLES!!!! Dry sockets suck ass.

    Feel better soon...

  2. HAHAH ahhh thats funny....LUCKILY, my mom came with me and did all the talking I could not...and yes i got the No straws or solid foods for a couple cooking up potatoes to mash up as we speak....

  3. OH EM GEE is right!
    On my next post I'll post about an embarrassing story of mine.