Sunday, February 6, 2011

Ballin' on a Budget

I thought I'd give you some music to jam to while you read...a current favorite of mine!

Sundays always seem to be the best time to blog for me...I'm relaxed, and not thinking about anything in particular...AND a perfect day talk to you about 'Ballin' on a Budget! or better yet..Diva on a Dime! In this post I will let you in on my juicy secrets for looking fabulous..all day..everyday...well most days anyways. I also manage to do it all no worry of breaking that bank!

My Hair Production (OH its quite a show folks)
My current favorite shampoo/conditioner duo is Tresemme..its SUPER cheap for the Liters, I think I paid $3.99 for each...DAMN cheap!

Another everyday favorite is a new leave in conditioner I'm trying out! Its form the new-ish Loreal EverPure line. It smells SO good and makes my hair SUPER soft and shiny. It is a bit more than I'd usually pay, which i believe was about $11- $12..? but its been TOTALLY worth it...and it lasts long since i don't wash my hair much..HA! This is what it looks like...

I also use a finishing cream..which some people are afraid of, but trust me, with enough practice its well worth it! You just have to learn how/what type to use!! I use a cream based one that has a bit of sheen added to it (i use a cream b/c my hair can get kind of dry...thus the reason i don't wash it often..) I use Bed Head's AFTER PARTY. Its so amazing and I have been addicted to it FOREVER..cost wise...i believe i paid under $10 for it...and it lasts a long ass time since your not using much at a time! (it looks kinda kinky almost he he)

AAAAAaaaannnd LAST but DEFIANTLY not ALL TIME FAVORITE HAIR SPRAY OF ALL TIME: Tresemme Hairspray #4 (extra hold), very cheap @ $3.99 and its a HUGE can! I have gone through thousands of different sprays, from high end salon ones to generic walmart ones...and this one BY FAR beats them all!!! Its not only a fantastic bargain, but it has such great hold! They have different levels you can buy..but i always stick with holds amazing for huge hair..and works great for soft i have today...not that you can see ha ha. By far my most used and favored product in my collection.

..So this pretty much sums my haircare routine up! I don't use all of these everyday...but i use at least one of two..hairstyle pending. I also a lot More products, b/c I am a product junkie...but i don't use them very often and clearly they aren't worth RAVING about!! Anyways...I believe I will do a make-up junkie post for out for that!!!

QUESTION: What are YOUR favorite products??? Any recommendations or life-long loves???

- Love, Laura xoxo

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  1. Not a hair product, but I always use sun block (but at Christmas time I had it confinscated at the airport) I use the spray on kind. Another favourite, I have Estee Lauder make up that I got recently. LOVE it. The lipstick goes on super smooth. One thing that I am still looking for my perfect product for is foundation and concealor. So far I like M.A.C. the most, but the foundation must have an oil in it, because when I'm washing out my brush it sticks to the sink, unlike others I've had. Good post Laura!