Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Tis' the Season..for SELF TANNERS!!!

Ahhh summer....the perfect time for a tan! I made this toutorial video for people who seem to be CLUELESS on how to apply self-tanner to the face (which i saw yesterday morning...TWICE) :)

Thursday, July 21, 2011

June Faves

I made this in the begining of July, but FORGOT to post it to my here it is, better late than never..right?..RIGHT?

Love, Laura

Friday, July 15, 2011

Restaurant Review: Niche

Good Evening!!!

I am doing something a little different tonight, but something I've always wanted to blog about; new restaurants!! I pass by this place EVERYDAY, as I live about 4 blocks away. Its a new-ish place called, "Niche". Its on 110st and Jasper Ave, right underneath Hardwood Plaza apartments. Here's my experience...

Not the greatest, BUT its downtown, so that is to be expected. We had to park about a block away in a residential area. On the plus side, if you're there after 6pm, you can get a little pass and park for free at the General Hospital right beside it.

The Place:
On the outside it looks very cute and trendy! They had a mini patio set up right in the front, which, had the mosquitoes not been so NUTS, it would have been a great spot to eat and people watch! When I walked in I was kind of taken aback by how small it was! The bar takes up the majority of the space, and theres maybe about 10 or less tables in there...a little tight but very cute! We got the high seats right by the window which was nice and UN-crowded.

Very good!!! Although being in place of that size i wouldn't expect any less, as you could literally have a normal conversation with the chef in the kitchen form the other side of the restaurant. Our girl was really friendly and funny! She suggested really great things and was very knowledgeable!

I know what you;re thinking...FINALLY! ahhh the was GREAT! We got there at about 4:30 and they don't serve dinner 'till 5pm, so we had some drinks (They make a WICKED dirty martini, best I've had yet) and had a couple appetizers. I had a tomato bocaccini Salad with a raspberry-vanilla vinaigrette, and my mom had backed goat cheese with crustinis, and they were both SO good!! I normally don't like sweet or fruity dressings, but the acidity in the tomatoes really helped balance it out! And really..can you go wrong with goat cheese...yum!!
For our mains my mom had Duck, and she said it was amazing, very tender! (I don't eat duck so I can't tell you how it was...) and I had the special, which was candy crusted pork loin, and my god was it good! It came with a balsamic reduction on mushrooms too, which was very good and different. Everything was cooked to perfection and I wouldn't change a thing!!
After my now 2nd dirty martini, we decided to order dessert. Our fantastic server coaxed us into having the blueberry bread pudding. WELL..I think My mom was speechless after the first bite. Not being much of a bread pudding fan, i went in cautiously, and oh ehm was TOO good for words! It was made perfectly, not to eggy or runny or anything! There was a little bit of crust on top and it was so moist and MUST try it!!!!!

It was defiantly an older crowd...besides myself, i don't think there was anyone in there under 35! So it was actually kind of nice. It wasn't overly loud and they played pretty chill music. The decor is really nice, very dark and ultra trendy. My favorite part of the whole decor was the little candles they had on the tables. They were round votive holders filled with popcorn seeds and a tea light on cute!! (I will most likely steal this idea...)

Well that's enough of a review for tonight, in case you were wondering, it was a bit costly, but we had 3 drinks, app's, mains AND dessert, and to end your curiosity, our bill came to $115 (without tip). Obviously you don't need to spend this much, but I had a RIDICULOUSLY stressful day and needed to let loose!!! Anyways, Bonn appetit!!!

Love, Laura

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Bucket List

Song to listen to while ya read...very fitting considering this blog..Enjoy!

Good afternoon my pretties!!!

I know its been a while since I've blogged anything, but as explained in my last VLOG, I have been busy and a little out of the loop. BUT none the less, I am back and with a few new blog ideas, so stay tuned! Todays will be a bit short and more of a list than a long blog. I have been meaning to do this, my Bucket List, for a while. Actually since I last watched the move 'The Bucket List' and between my sobbing, I managed to conjure up some ideas of what I really want out of life and things I MUST do before I meet my maker...or come back as a suave Mexican dancer. So here goes...

Laura Macyk's Bucket List:

  • Learn a new language, preferably french.
  • Go to Vegas
  • Go some place Tropical
  • Hang out with someone UBER famous
  • Have children
  • Get married
  • See the Eiffel Tower
  • See New York
  • Give a large sum of money to the charity of my choosing
  • By a large home
  • Learn a trade
  • Learn about a whole new culture/way of life
  • Learn how to do 'Canning'
  • Take a dance class
  • Play an instrument, like the Piano
  • Have my own Spa
  • Have my own vegetable garden
  • Buy a GIANT hat and go to the Kentucky Derby
  • Go on a Cruise
  • Arrive at the airport (no plans of a flight) and pick the NEXT flight out
Well folks, this is my list SO FAR, I know there are more things i want to do, and will definitely ad to this regularly, b/c how often are we out and we see something, or hear about someone going someplace and think "i wanna do that someday"...well doll, today is that day....lets get started!!!!

QUESTION: What are some items on your bucket list???

Love, Laura

Friday, July 8, 2011

June Faves!!!!

I am aware its been a while since i did any blogging/vlogging...but i been bizzy YO!!!!! The video explains...ENJOY!!!

QUESTION/COMMENTS: Whats YOUR summer faves??? I am interested in trying new stuff!!!!