Monday, January 31, 2011

Why hello…Fancy meeting you here! I have decided after MUCH deliberation, this blog will NOT be about any sentimental mumbo-jumbo…and will be about my favorite subject…Fashion/Clothing. Ahh the thrill of finding those perfect skinny jeans that DON’T do the exact opposite or that perfect dress w/ spaghetti straps that doesn’t make your arms look like twine wrapped around 2 big hams…it may take some time and patients, and maybe a friend to hold that skirt together so it won’t bust open..but the proper fitting staples in your closet are worth every penny..and every tear.  I will tell you about my year round favorites and staples …here goes..

I am THE HUGEST fan of tights/leggings. Anyone who knows me, knows that’s almost all I wear most of the time. They can be dressed up and even dressed down. Slap some cute heels or high boots on and your favorite earrings and your good to go out for a night…or wear your favorite baggy sweater or shirt and some flats and your in total chillax mode. I am also a big fan of dresses. I have found cute dresses all over! I have some from Old Navy, H&M, Additionel/Pennington’s, Winners, and even Torrid (which is my addiction..). they work well in spring/summer, especially ones you can just throw on when its hot! I also make sure any dress I own will work with leggings, just in case. As far as skinny jeans, I actually bought my first pair about 7 months ago, and I will admit to being hesitant to wear them at first. Mainly b/c I had over heard my darling sister say “OMG bigger girls should never wear skinny jeans..” So I of course was so self-conscious in them at first, but was told they looked good! I always wear them with a longer top  and a lighter long sweater..always looks great! And they kind of make me feel like a rock star…maybe cuz their dark??? I am not sure ha ha. 

Being a Bigger lady, I always have to be choosey also. I will never be caught dead in  “typical fat girl clothes” as I like to call them…and normally don’t like those kinds of clothes. Thus the reason I shop around at different stores, and I admit the majority of my clothing is black..but I have a few bright colored stuff and its easier to mix and match with the black then to have an all rainbow wardrobe! As far as jewelry…the bigger the better! I have a lot of big fun stuff, and defiantly not for everyone, but I manage to wear it well, I think. I have a lot of BIG weird with a big blue owl and another Big art abstract thing going on lol, long story short, if its Big and/or shiny, I most likely already own it!! In conclusion, I will show you a few items I personally own..or plan on buying to add to my I LOVE spending time mixing and matching different items I’ve never thought of before in my closet so its like a new outfit..I feel it is one of my gifts J Anyways….enjoy!!

- Love, Laura xoxox

I own these boots...LOVE them!                                              These are the skinnies I have..

 These are great for the bedroom or with a dress                                 This dress is SO nice, i might get it!

 I LOVE this..cute belt, and looks effortless!                                  This is a great date dress..or for a special occasion!

This needs no intro...its SUPER sexy!!!

Sunday, January 30, 2011

The "Grateful" Blog

Ahhhh its Sunday..the MOST Justified "relax" day in the whole week! Just to get you up to speed on my was GREAT! Saturday I had some of my besties over for a "girls Night In" mini spa party, which was really fun! Finally got to catch up and spend some time with them! And it was nice to relax and get nice and refreshed...the good laughs were nice too! And today-for the first time in over a month- I went to my parents (we always have Sunday suppers there...but things have been prohibiting me from going), and that felt great again! Family always seems to bring a person back down to earth and feel normal again..defiantly keeps me grounded :) . Having had such a great weekend with friends and family, it made me feel grateful for all that I truly have! SO, in lieu of this feeling, i decided to make tonight's blog a list of random things I am truly grateful for, so here goes:

  • Family - Seems like an obvious one, right? Well, truth is, theres alot of people who aren't able to share this feeling, for whatever sad reason. I come from 2 sets of awesome parents! (my mom and dad divorced when i was very Young and are both re-married) And i couldn't be happier with them!  I can genuinely say, i LOVE hanging out with my parents. They are all soo cool and always seem to have the right advice or answers. I also gained the most amazing sister, who I am not sure I'd be able to live without :) My bro's ain' to bad either he he...all in all, iam truly blessed with the most amazing family anyone could ever want!!
  • My man-friend - He truly is, my everything. I couldn't imagine spending my life with anyone else, but him. I may not say it enough, but he is exactly what i was looking for, right down to the way he looks. He treats me amazing, and I know without a doubt would do anything for me anytime. He truly is..the cheese to my macaroni.
  • My Kitties - I am so damn grateful we got them! They are so fun and bad but every second with them is worth it! They welcome me home everyday with open paws, and while they may not speak it clearly, i know that *meow* when i get home, means I wuvz you...and that "wuvz" is unconditional :)
  • My life - Seems pretty general, but although i may not say it, or think it sometimes, I have an amazing life! There is nothing I do without. I live in very nice downtown apartment on the 15th floor with a spectacular view of downtown. I have a great job that I love, and am surrounded by the best people! Iam blessed with a fantastic and happy life.
There are so many things iam grateful for all day everyday, from a random act of kindness, to miraculously catching my bus when I am late in the morning! I am also grateful for things that WILL happen in my future, such as Vegas in July, and getting engaged, planning a wedding, and even having babies...also excelling in my job is up there too! Well my lovely reader, I am done blogging tonight, just on a side note, there are things to be grateful for all day just need to open those pretty eyes :)

- Love, Laura xoxox

Friday, January 28, 2011

Stero-Typing Saves Time..or so they say..

So, as it turns out, I lied to you about NOT posting until Sunday. Actually I changed my mind because A) I have some free time and B) I thought of a good one this morning on my way to work. As a beautiful singer once piped out.. “Everybody’s got a story that will break your heart..”. As I was walking to the LRT this morning, it was about 6:30am and it was completely silent outside…and I got to thinking…if something happened to me (random dog attack..mugger) no one would be around to help me…(I know I have anxiety issues…ha-ha), and then I saw someone walk to the LRT about a block away from me, and then, I’m not sure why, but I got to thinking about that person…and what they are like, and why I assume they are an axe murderer???

All we know about people we pass by on the street is what they look like, and that is how we see them or even judge them. For example, when I see a good looking person, man or woman, I automatically assume they have a great job, make good money , have an active social life (going out and such..) and most likely have a great life full of love and happiness. THE REALITY: They may not be very happy, they may have a high paying job but hate every minute of it….and the people they surround themselves with may be shallow and thankless, only hanging out with them b/c of looks or money or even status! For all I know, this person could be planning their suicide as I pass by them b/c they are so depressed about life…or they could have just heard some bad news about a family member…or maybe they have NO family!

Now lets play the opposite: You pass by someone who is not as attractive looking as YOU may approve of (admit, we all do it), and you don’t give them much thought…you might even say to yourself ‘wow that person is unfortunate looking”, or “man that person is huge/fat” or whatever which is rude, but yet we ALL do it. And btw, the whole calling a Big person “huge” or “fat” is irritating. I mean, DO YOU THINK WE’RE BLIND?? I own mirrors, obviously I’m aware of this fact, thanks J. That’s like walking past someone with glasses and saying “that person has glasses..”..thanks for pointing out the obvious jerk-ass. ANYWAYS, back to my point…YOU have NO idea of this persons life, why are you judging him? Are you in a position to judge ANYONE??? Because, now correct me if I am wrong, but YOU are hardly perfect yourself. We ALL  have our faults and our own stories. That person you walked by could be the most kind and generous person alive!! Hell he might throw his own coat down so your boots don’t get wet in the puddles, especially the huge ones we have going on here in the city!!

Anyways, I’m done ranting for this morning…I’ve often used the term “stereo-typing saves time”, but the reality is, some amazing people might pass you by b/c your worried about outward appearances. And DO NOT take this rant as me saying I am perfect, it angers me that I am this way sometimes, and I am really putting in an effort to stop judging people…because after all, If we put all of our problems in a big pile with everyone else’s..we’d gladly take ours back, no questions asked.

-Love, Laura xoxox

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Fist Pumpin' all night long!!

Hello random reader...

I will not be blogging tonight, with the exception of this small paragraph. Its JERSEY SHORE night!!!!!!!!!!!!! Which I am in love with....especially Ronnie...mmm so delightful! Also, on a side night, I may not blog 2morrow night either...i have a "Girls night In" at my place on Saturday and MUST get ready for it....BUT, prepare for a Doosey on Sunday!!!!!!! Have a fantastic night my loves...

- Love, Laura xoxox

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Please Don't Stop The Music..

I was sitting on the couch this evening, switching back and forth between "Dinner Party Wars" (LOVE that show..) and American Idol (only watch it when they're doing the auditions), and quietly pondering what my next blog should be...then it dawned on me...what is the BIGGEST part of my life?? That is right reader...MUSIC. Music is part of my life every moment of everyday. If its not physically on, I'm most likely jamming to it in my head...or randomly singing it out loud (i break into song about anything..sometimes i even sing to my cats...."my kitties are so huuuuunnngrrrrryyyyyyyyy" you know how it is...

As INTO music as I am, i sometimes get self-conscious when certain tunes come on my ipod on the way to work, for some reason thinking someone would hear it. When the reality of it is, WHY should i care what they think? If someone is judging you for the type of music your into, they aren't worth living, well maybe not that extreme, but you know what I mean...

Lets face it, we all have out guilty pleasures..and I am about to share a few with you, guilt free. I am NO long ashamed to admit...I LOVE Justin Bieber. There i said it! I'm into the Biebs...every damn song he puts out onto the radio is so catchy and i most likely end up putting it onto my ipod a few days later. He is young, pop and a total cutie, not that id' go there, hes like half my age...i think. And not to add insult to injury, but my bf got me a JB towel for Xmas this year as a joke...and i actually like it...and use it. (get your head outta the gutter...). ANYWAYS, iam also a huge Whitney Houston fan...old and new! Who else can i finally clear the air about...i will check my moment *tick-tok* Looks like i have some old and newish Cher, which i love!I also have a ton of BSB (FAN for life!!) NSYNC, Boys to Men, a BUTT LOAD of Country old and new....Dirty dancing soundtrack..Taylor Swift...Simply Red, Spice girls, a lot of Easy rock 70's tunes...and the list goes on.

Now that I have aired some of that dirty laundry, I will tell you why it is my "guilty Pleasure" and is so strange to see on my Itunes. I also have ALL of System of a Downs CD's, Snoop Dogg, Stabbing Westward, Shiney Toy Guns, Jeffree Star,Hatebreed, AFI, Stone Sour...and plenty of other NON-POP stuff. As it turns out, i will pretty much listen to anything, mood pending. Sometimes i need Techno...and sometimes i need Johnny Cash...that's pretty much how i roll.

All in all, reader, Music is MY LIFE. My anti-drug. It makes me feel happy when i want to be, and makes me cry when i maybe need to be. It helps bring out "party Laura" and totally "chill Laura"...i am a combination of different personalities...much like an enigma..haha.

Question: What are YOUR guilty pleasures?

Love, Laura xoxoxo

Delicious Diva: Are we SO vain?

Delicious Diva: Are we SO vain?: "I know what you're thinking..another post? SO soon?? But the fact is reader, I have been thinking about this post all day, right after i did..."

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Are we SO vain?

I know what you're thinking..another post? SO soon?? But the fact is reader, I have been thinking about this post all day, right after i did my first one, which i will fully admit to doing at work this morning..oops!
SO, really..ARE we SO Vain??  Maybe...

I was an esthetician for quite a few years, and as a professional, I've seen women AND men go through many different procedures, IE) Waxing. Just the word makes most people CRINGE..but the reality of it is, given a GOOD and GENTLE esthetician, such as myself, it can be a, dare I say, bearable even the most sensitive areas. I will admit, if you were a pain in my ass bitch client i MAY have not been as gentle as i should have been...but for the most part, i always got compliments. ANYWAYS, there are so many miracle, medical..laser..creams out there, that's is hard to NOT fall into the beauty treatments, no matter how endearing!

As a woman of my stature, i feel the need to perfect the areas of myself people SHOULD notice first. I am a hair product junkie, going through LARGE bottles of hairspray every 2 weeks, endless shampoo/conditioner duos...and the list goes on. Also, i should make a point of saying, i ALWAYS need to have my hair big, thus the reason for all my products, i feel it balances out my middle half lol. Also, i have artificial nails..which i MUST get filled every 2-3 weeks with a different design..which I suppose some might say is a lot of upkeep, and I won't lie to ya, it can be a pain in the ass having to go in and sit there to get em done, but the outcome is fab.

Make-up is ALSO my life. I have a drawer in my bathroom FILLED to the max with my "everyday" a big holt bag full..and a make-up case from beauty school AND another Este-Lauder case filled with crap. And no iam NOT a hoarder, i go through i regularly,but I LOVE make-up...Iam especially a lip gloss junkie. I always joke and say i was basically born with make-up on my face, but sometimes its kind of sad. I cannot leave my house without something on and ever after over 5 years of being together, i HATE the fact my amazing Bf sees me without make-up on sometimes. But when i feel this negativity welling up inside, i smear on my fave lip plumper (Big Fatty lip plumper by Urban Decay) and all those feelings float away...

I will end this blog with something Iam considering doing, nothing drastic. Iam seriously considering getting lash extensions. There is a place here on whyte that specializes in doing them(LINK BELOW). Now, as a girl who is blessed with beautiful eyes and LONG lashes, i just feel it would ad volume and drama. THAT, and they are not like the ones you buy and glue on. These are professionally put on and last 2-3 weeks at a time!! How great is that?? SO great...!! Anyways, this has been long enough, and Iam done with the beauty blog for the night...but there will be more to come!!!!

Question: How far SHOULD we go for Beauty?? How far do you go?

-Love, Laura xoxoxo

Bizou Lash Studio on Facebook

The Picture below has the Left side WITHOUT and Right side WITH...


I really wish i could put something like.."ahh i'm finally starting a blog..after so long...blah,blah,blah. The truth is, i already have a blog..except its private and more like an online journal/diary, which are unfortunatly for my eyes only! Having said that I'm quite proud to announce this one as being open to the public and all your comments welcoming.

A little bit about me, as I said I'm a big girl living in a "small" world. "Small" meaning body/weight/people wise, which, for the most part iam fine with. Just to be clear, this IS NOT a weight loss/calorie counting/i'm sad cuz i'm fat blog...its just about MY thoughts and feelings about life in general...from a Big gal's prospective, and if your looking for me to talk about "weight" and that crap...go seek the next weightloss blog. I am quite direct and will not hesitate to let you know how i feel/look at certain subjects in life...whether its about men, beauty, lash extensions (my next blog will feature this..) or friends...heck i might talk about strippers...

Anyways, take it as you like, as i will never apologize for my own option, it is my "OWN" after goes...

-Love, laura xoxox
PS: I end all ov my blogs with much love...xoxox