Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Diva on a Dime: Homeade Lip Color

Hello beautifuls!!!

This second entry in my series is featuring "make your own" lip color!!! You can do this for UNDER $5 and you most likely already own the stuff you need to create this! The video explains...enjoy!!!

Love, Laura xoxox

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Dive on a Dime: Honey


Today's item will be, you guessed it, HONEY!!! Honey has SO many amazing properties and goes FAR back in time as far as beauty treatments go! Its very inexpensive and most people already have SOME type of honey! As I explain in the video its great for skin as far as masks or cleansers. Its very moisturizing and has great healing properties, so its great for acne prone skin or for sensitive skin. It is a universal cleanser, meaning EVERYONE can use this amazing sweetener. You may use it on its own or with MANY other things...anyways, I'll let the video do the talking..enjoy!!!

Love, Laura

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Diva on a Dime Project

Hi Darlings!!!!

I am SUPER excited about this new series I'm doing called "Diva on a Dime"!! Its going to be a 4 week series about beauty on a budget. From skin to hair to everything in between, I want to show people they don't need to spend like a diva in order to look like one!! Stay tuned...

Love, Laura xoxo

Monday, August 15, 2011

My first Fat Rant

Good evening beautiful!

Thats right..i used the word *gasp* FAT in my title. As a norm, i NEVER use that word,..ok well sometimes i do...but ONLY when talking about myself..NEVER directed to someone else!

I just felt like ranting tonight. Its about self-esteem and being a plus-size gal, andjust about things in general that have been pissing me off about society and the view towards big girls...and also a little ranting about big girls in general...anyways,,,just watch and find out! Enjoy!

Love, Laura

Monday, August 8, 2011

Lets Talk: Addictions

         Good Day! Its been a while since I’ve written anything, and to be honest, I kind of miss it! I’ve had a really busy summer and have been a little too pre-occupied with vlogging about beauty and such. So today’s post will not feature any type of beauty…well maybe a little. Anyways…here we go..

Lets talk Addictions. The dictionary defines “addictions” as “a state of physiological or psychological dependence on a potentially harmful drug”. But not ALL addictions are substance related! I was watching the TV show “my Strange Addiction” on TLC last night and they have 2 different stories per episode and the one I watched was a Lady who ATE Bounce sheets (laundry sheets) uncontrollably, and she did admit wanting to stop which was good I guess. The other one was a lady who’s husband passed away a couple months ago, and she carried his ashes EVERYWHERE with her, and would talk to him all the time. She even went as far as always buying his favorite foods and cooking the meals he loved- although she wouldn’t eat them. Now I understand, everyone has different coping mechanisms, but this is where she’s taken it to a whole new level. She is now EATING HER DEAD HUSBANDS ASHES!!! She admitted to having some accidentally spill onto her fingers one day, and she felt bad just wiping it off on her pants, so she EATS it. She said when she first got his urn, it weighed 6 lbs, and now weighs 5lbs..????? I’m sorry, I don’t like to be judgmental, but really???? REALLY??????? Besides the fact that humans are embalmed with 8 different chemicals…YOU ARE EATING YOUR DEAD HUSBANDS ASHES!!!!!???????? ..just my point of view I guess.

I suppose if we look at the bigger picture, addictions are just an escape from facing something. Your job, your childhood, your dog…
And unfortunately, some of these addictions can put people in the ground. I frequently watch “Intervention” on AE, and while this is only a SMALL percentage of addicts, its still heartbreaking seeing what these people do and how they live everyday. Hell, even on Strange Addictions, these things consume peoples entire lives!! Now personally speaking, I’m not someone with much of an addictive personality, but I know plenty of people who have had/have addictions. Luckily for them, they have gotten their life together.

Addictions are such a funny thing. Not HA-HA funny..unless your addicted to watching funny cats on YouTube, that’s an addiction I’ll support!!!! I do believe everyone has SOME kind of addiction…whether its substance, porno-flicks, candy, romance, food, lack of food or even hamsters! As long as your within moderation (which is the opposite of an addict) then I suppose its fine…Just keep your hamsters to a minimum…as they reproduce and sometimes eat their young…YIKES!!!! On that note…stay classy my beautiful reader.

Love, laura

Question: What’s your secret addiction?????

Saturday, August 6, 2011


Hello Divas!!! Somethin' a Lil different tonight, I thought I'd take you on a "photo-walk" of my summer; rather than blab on about it. These are just some random pictures I've taken along the way, during my many summer excursions...enjoy!!

My summer started off with a WICKED concert..System of a Down!

tilt your head to the left..one of the many storms we've had this summer..yikes! (PS: i couldn't change the angle...boo)

The first EVER pic of my and my daddio..taken on fathers day (tilt your head again..sheesh!)

Girls Night I hosted....<3 them!!!

BOONSTOCK...most amazing summer thing yet!!!!! most amazing weekend with my sister!

My sister and I went to NKOTBSB!!!!!

Cold and rainy camping!

Keith excited about his yellow rain coat!

Speeders race way!!

Tilt your head for the DOUBLE RAINBOW!!! (a great side effect of a TON of rain this summer!!)

There ya have it reader!! MY sincere apologies about the ones i couldn't rotate...darn thing wouldn't lemme edit it properly. O well..hope you enjoyed it! I will most likely have another photo walk for the end of summer..as I have more things happening!!! Stay tuned :)

Love, Laura

Tuesday, August 2, 2011


A random and fun Rainbow make-up toutorial!! I used Urban Decay make-up pallet, but you may use WHATEVER you like!!!!! This is great for summer...or winter....or while taking the garbage out! Enjoy my sweet peachez!!!

Birthday/Long weekend/random shopping Haul

In case you're interested...tee-hee!