Saturday, August 6, 2011


Hello Divas!!! Somethin' a Lil different tonight, I thought I'd take you on a "photo-walk" of my summer; rather than blab on about it. These are just some random pictures I've taken along the way, during my many summer excursions...enjoy!!

My summer started off with a WICKED concert..System of a Down!

tilt your head to the of the many storms we've had this summer..yikes! (PS: i couldn't change the

The first EVER pic of my and my daddio..taken on fathers day (tilt your head again..sheesh!)

Girls Night I hosted....<3 them!!!

BOONSTOCK...most amazing summer thing yet!!!!! most amazing weekend with my sister!

My sister and I went to NKOTBSB!!!!!

Cold and rainy camping!

Keith excited about his yellow rain coat!

Speeders race way!!

Tilt your head for the DOUBLE RAINBOW!!! (a great side effect of a TON of rain this summer!!)

There ya have it reader!! MY sincere apologies about the ones i couldn't rotate...darn thing wouldn't lemme edit it properly. O well..hope you enjoyed it! I will most likely have another photo walk for the end of I have more things happening!!! Stay tuned :)

Love, Laura

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