Friday, November 21, 2014

You're allowed to Love yourself, I Promise.

Well hello..

Its been SO long since I've blogged; I literally cannot remember the last time I did. I've had some ideas come to fruition but am without my laptop at the that's pretty much my excuse, deal with it.

I've had this idea for a while, and I originally go it from a post I read called " Things no one will tell fat girls, so I will..". There was a particular part that stuck out to me called "You're allowed to Love yourself. I promise". Now, at first, I was like...well of course...everyone should love themselves...and love you, etc. But then I carried on living my life and didn't think about it again...until recently. Anyone who knows me, knows I am pretty confidant. I 'm genuinely happy with who I am and anything I am not happy with..I've changed. I don't think I am beautiful, despite my body..I am beautiful BECAUSE of it.

Anyways, I digress. I got to thinking about how hard it has been over the years to FULLY accept my physical appearance. I seem to accept it just fine, its other people who seem to have a problem with it. And I'm not just talking about "fat girls"...even men who aren't perfect have the same problem. Why should we feel ashamed for loving ourselves?? Its like there's some unwritten rule stating, anyone who's not built like an Olympic gymnast should not be allowed to love their body. Its like you have to keep it a secret, for fear of being shunned if you walk around with *dare I say* your head held high, ENJOYING your uniqueness!

I have not-to-recently been following a ridiculously beautiful plus-seized model, Tess Munster. She preaches about body confidence and hash tags all of her pictures with "#effyourbeautystandards", to which I applaud her. She isn't your usual "size 12 Plus-size" model (those are just normal looking women) shes a LEGIT big girl...and shes fucking beautiful, she makes me jealous..seriously. I've seen her in interviews and YouTube videos and I also follow her on Instagram and she travels around the states doing "tours", in which she invites women of ALL sizes to meet her and take part in "pin-up" photo-shoots. She is NOT only a plus sized advocate, but women who are sometimes criticized for being TOO skinny. Sure, she gets the haters; people preach to her about being healthy, losing weight, etc., but she's pretty quick to ignore it and carry on her inspiring words.

On a related topic, why the HELL can't we all just drop the bull-shit and just be happy with ourselves. Instead of the constant body obsessing? I feel like it would be a huge weight off some peoples shoulders if you just stop fighting and start appreciating. I have the most beautiful friends, and sometimes they ask me how I am so confidant? my immediate response is, "look at this face. And you tell me..". I'm kidding, seriously though, its just part of my routine. I HAVE to love myself; I live by the old adage that "if you don't love yourself, how do you expect anyone else too?" and for that matter what the HELL is it anyone else's business HOW I feel about myself? Is it affecting their life in anyways? I somehow doubt it...

Bottom line, my beautiful friend; you MUST love yourself. Or learn to. There are FAR too many people walking this earth who are uncomfortable in their own skin. Life is so god damn you really want to live your life hating yourself??? If you don't like it, change it...stop complaining. OR learn to love yourself. I am not saying this is going to happen over night; its as simple as looking at yourself every morning and saying "Good Morning Beautiful" (I just gave away my secret..), which is a great way to start. Instead of looking at yourself in the mirror seeing flaws..start picking out things you like about your matter how small they are. In the words of Oscar Wilde "To love oneself, is the beginning of a lifelong romance".
Love, Laura