Friday, August 3, 2012


Hello my gorgeous friends!!!

I have decided to make tonight's blog, a VLOG! I haven't done one in SOOOO long, and really felt like doing it!!  I received some cool stuff in my June Glymm Bag...check it out!

PS: Its been so long since I've done a vlog, I'm a bit out of it in the beginning...don't judge me!

Love, Laura

Saturday, July 28, 2012

GLYMM Box Review: July!!!

Hello Gorgeous!!!

I received my FIRST "Glymm" box today!!!!! I was SO excited when I got the notice in the mail! I actually got one for June, but like a bone-head, I forgot to go pick it up at the post office (D'OH!) and it got sent back, BUT they have recently sent it back to me, thankfully!! (so my next one will be for June!)

ANYWAYS, is a website that delivers deluxe beauty product samples to you every month! (they have other websites like this but they are only available in the states, IE)Birch box) I was SO excited when I found a Canadian company! They are based out of Montreal, and you receive a small make-up bag and 4 or 5 sample products to try! When i first heard of this, I was like "where the HELL have i been and why am I not a part of this!!??". Its SO perfect if you are a product junkie (like myself) only NOW you don't have to spend fortunes on stuff you want to try! Its only $12.00 per month (or you can pay for a whole year) and you can quit at any time. Anyways, you're tired of my's what I received for my July Glymm Box:

I have already tried all the products, as I was too excited to wait; one of them I tried on the train, minutes after I got it ha ha.

It contains: "Social Butterfly" Hair Perfume by Maneteeze, "dirt" Purify + Glow salt scrub (OMG SMELLS SOOOOOOO GOOD!!!!) "Joico" K-PAK Revitaluxe Restorative treatment, and "Cyberderm" PM Anti-Age cream & H20 Hydration cream. (I also received a little coupon for 25% off nail polish on!

All in all, I enjoyed ALL the products. However the Cyberderm was..different. REALLY cool packaging, as both creams come in syringes! The PM Anti-Age was very light and soaked into my skin instantly. The H20 cream was quite heavy, maybe better for the winter months for sure. BUT Cyberderm is a sunscreen company and BOTH those creams have SPF in them and they have natural and medicinal actives in them.

Well folks, hope you enjoyed the I am off to paint my ceramic owl I just bought (pic below), and I just wanted to blog about this fabulous company!

Love, Laura

Please visit for more info, or to sign up!!!

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Summertime and the Livin' is Easy: Photo-Walk

Hello Beautiful!

Its been a while since I've blogged anything, as I have been a busy bee this summer! I have really spent MORE time outside THIS summer, than in my whole life! And my tan can prove it! Anyways, I just thought I'd give you a little sneak peek into what I've been up to so far...Enjoy :)

It has been a hot one this summer, and when my cats are napping in the bathroom constantly, you know its a scorcher!

Finding a quiet park in the city is so great, especially spending a Sunday there with the family!

This was taken in Jamaica, we were there in May for a wedding and it was amazing!

My beautiful mom renewed her wedding vows in June!

Taking the street car to the Strathcona Farmers Market (We live about 10 steps from where the street-car comes downtown!!)

BOONSTOCK!!! By far the best summer event..drinking, relaxing and seeing great bands with 2 other amazing girls!!!!

Fish Bowl Fridays at BP's with my gorgeous love!

Picture taken from my balcony...very smoky in Edmonton for a couple days, due to fires FAR away!

Spent the day at Pigeon was so beautiful, AND you can walk out REALLY far before it even reaches your shoulders!

My beautiful sister and I shared our b-day celebration together this past weekend! My birthday is July.29 and hers is August.1...and yes we are the same age!!!)

Well I hope you enjoyed that! I also hope your summer is going amazing so far!

Love, Laura xoxox

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Random Product Reviews!

Hello my sweets!

I understand its been a while since my last blog, but this lady has been busy! I was originally going to do a Vlog, but my patients is wearing thin with my technology and it takes TOO damn long to post videos...THAT and the laptop I am borrowing from my dad is a GIANT piece!!!!

Anyways, onto the fun stuff! I have recently purchased some beauty products and wanted to share my feedback...rants, raves the whole bit. So here goes...

Revlon Photoready Airbrush Foundation
I've got to level with you, I have been a pretty faithful maybelline mousse/E.L.F mineral make-up wearer for to go outside the box was a little scary! BUT, I found this little baby on sale for $7.99 AND it came with the primer, so I said what the hell and bought it. Turns out, its not THAT bad! It was pretty light and the coverage was great! It really does give the total "airbrushed" look! My only negatives is that, its a tad heavy for me in the summer (nothing worse than sweatin' all your make-up off in the heat..) AND you have to press down on the top to get product out and if you press just a little TOO much, a MASS amount will come out, and with it being like a mousse/foam, it EXPANDS (like hair mousse). Needless to say when I was trying it out in the store, I had it ALL over my just be careful!

Maybelline "FIT me" Foundation
This is my new true LOVE! Luckily I only went to try this one, because it was ALSO on sale ($8.49), like the last one! But I will definitely be re-buying this one in the future. It provides AMAZING full coverage and it really does FIT your skin tone perfectly! Negatives; Its in a glass bottle with no pump, you just have to pour it onto the back of your hand, which isn't a HUGE deal, but when it gets to the bottom, you won't be able to get EVERY last drop of it...lame.

Revlon Photoready Perfecting Primer
THIS was the delicious product that came with the airbrush foundation! I am defiantly ALL about primers and if you're not using one, what the HELL is your problem?? Seriously though this stuff is great! Its mattifying (doesn't say it on the bottle, but it does) and very silky feeling. It also helps to even out the skin tone, because it has a lavender tone to it..all in all, great product (it was free, who can go wrong with that!)

Revlon Lip Butter "Peach Parfait" this MAY be the best lip product I have EVER used. NOT only was the color AMAZEBALLS, but it makes your lips feel SO soft ALL day. There isn't many products I reapply daily, but this is one of them! I have heard many other YouTube beauty gurus rave about this and I thought it was about time I got it! This color in particular is SO pretty and has gold sparkles in it! I definitely recommend this to ANYONE who wants a nice light peachy-pink, that makes your lips SUPER soft all day!

Hard Candy "Ginormous Lash" Mascara
I will fully admit to being a mascara junky, and I'm always buying new and different ones, which I am usually happy with, but THIS one...AWFUL! When I first put it on, it barely coats my lashes and just makes me look like I have spider legs attached to my eyes (not a hot look) and during the day it tended to flake off and it BURNED my eyes! Egads! And being a contact wearer this was super annoying and painful! I'm pretty sure I got this at a drugstore and I really cannot remember what I paid for it, but I will definitely NOT be recommending this in the near future!

LashStudio False Lashes "Fascinating"
I Love me a good set of falsies! I do have a great set of my own, but sometimes I like to amp it up a little bit...glam diva style! I love Ardell lashes, but these are defiantly becoming my new favorite! They actually FIT my eye and I don't have to fake it with eyeliner! They were easy to put on and I didn't have to fuss with them. They didn't come with any glue, but the glue lashes come with is usually crap ( i use one from sephora), but they were actually $2 cheaper than Ardell, thus the reason I wanted to try them...and they work great..check em' out!

Bath & Body Works "Malibu Radiance Whipped Body Cream"
This was $15.00 at the good ol' B&B, and worth EVERY penny in my books. It has a very light bronze color to it and has sparkly flex in it. It LOOKS amazing on tanned skin, even on an Albino I'm sure it would look hot! It is so light and creamy in texture and the smell is OMG good! It has avocado oil in, so it is SUPER moisturizing! If you're out and wearing shorts/dress, slather this stuff on and your legs will look perfect...very housewives of OC!

TRESemme Volumizing Dry Shampoo
I have been around the block with dry shampoos! I have bought EXPENSIVE ones form sephora that worked for CRAP or the nozzle would end up getting plugged 2 uses in! Those of you who know my, know I NEVER wash my hair! On a good week, i MIGHT wash it twice...on a GOOD week. SO dry shampoo is my BFF. Turns out, TRESemme does it AGAIN! This one was under $5 (on sale) and it works great! It didn't leave a white-ish color on my roots and blended in very well. It also made my hair look freshly washed! SO FAR, I have not experienced any clogging, but stay tuned for that..

So my sweets, those are all my new products I've just recently purchased and wanted to share with you. These were all bought from Drug stores (Rexall or shoppers or London Drugs) so they are inexpensive, which is the crowd THIS Delicious Diva can run with.

Please leave your comments below and let me know if you've had any different experience any of these products..or any other product you wish to share! Stay gorgeous!

Love, Laura

(SIDE NOTE: YES, I will be making more blogs about everything, I was off for a bit, but am back on the band wagon!)

Thursday, April 26, 2012

A convinient truth

Hello Beautiful!

It has certainly been a LONG time, since I've blogged about ANYTHING. Getting right into it, tonight's blog is about my personal "get healthy" journey. I have NEVER openly talked about this before (besides to a couple CLOSE family members) but tonight's post-workout melt down proved to me that I should perhaps open up about it a little bit...keep reading..

Bottom line: This is a FUCKING struggle. Pardon my french, but there was no nice way of putting it.  EVERYDAY is a struggle against people, nature, AND old habits...old raggedy-ass HABITS! Now, i"ve heard the term, "Old Habits die hard", and I never paid much attention to it, until now.  I have worked hard the last 3 months to try and kick them to the curb (SPARTA kick!) and somehow they manage to finagle their way back into my brain, IE) shoving 4 cookies into my mouth before heading out the door...don't judge me (I am hard enough on myself as it is). How do you kick those habits??? I know, DON"T keep that crap in the house...sounds easy enough..If you live on your OWN. I live with a sugar-holic, which is one of my reason that I struggle. Having said that, he is SLOWLY (emphasis on the slow) but surely on his way to kicking his sugar high too, fingers crossed!

Another point, Temptation, is not just an island on Playboy TV. Its real, and its a HUGE part of this journey. I have managed to kick the fast food habit, and I can HONESTLY say, i have not had fast food since BEFORE Christmas..snaps to me! But that doesn't mean I am not bombarded with it DAILY. Especially at work...GEEZ LOUISE! I am not asking people to be tip toeing around me when talking about food of any sort, but for the LOVE of GOD please don't ask me if i want anything from anyplace! As an over-weight person, it takes a LOT of effort to say no to deliciousness everyday, and someone of average size doesn't have the same brain wave as we do I suppose. I'm afraid a lot of people don't understand what its TRULY like inside the brain of a fat person. Imagine having this insatiable NEED to eat something JUST BECAUSE its there??? Imagine being an alcoholic, and someone putting a bottle of JD in front of you and saying you CAN'T have any...or you can just have ONE drink!? Like me and a package of deli meat, that bottle would be down before you could say "dogs tuxedo".We need food to LIVE. I once watched this documentary on this guy who had that stomach surgery, and lost a TON of weight, and then put it ALL back on and he said "imagine being a recovering alcoholic and needing to have 1 drink a successful do you think they would be?"

Everyday is a struggle, period. I knew it would be hard, but not THIS hard. And i know it will only go uphill from here, blah,blah,blah.I know I am normally very private about this, but I BROKE the HELL down after my work-out. I was kicking ass and taking names doing Billy Blanks Boot Camp on DVD and felt SO good after it, and he always has this inspirational speech, which i normaly skip over, but he was talking about how no one else can lose the weight but YOU, and god can only help you so much, you need to let him in, etc. And maybe I'm pre-menstrual, but I flippin began tearing up..and then went into FULL BLOWN tear puddles. This IS going to be hard and it didn't take me 1 day to put the weight on...I've been packing it on for 26 years! But I know it WILL come off (it already has). I am just impossibly hard on myself, which doesn't help AT ALL. I want results NOW, not in 6 months...I suppose i am expecting too much...

Anyways, this just all came spilling out at me randomly, so I'm sorry if I was all over the place. But it was all over my head and I just needed to get it out on record. I'm not sure if I'll do more blogs like this...maybe on my next break-down...around the 6 month mark ha-ha.

Love Always,
Laura xoxoxo