Saturday, July 28, 2012

GLYMM Box Review: July!!!

Hello Gorgeous!!!

I received my FIRST "Glymm" box today!!!!! I was SO excited when I got the notice in the mail! I actually got one for June, but like a bone-head, I forgot to go pick it up at the post office (D'OH!) and it got sent back, BUT they have recently sent it back to me, thankfully!! (so my next one will be for June!)

ANYWAYS, is a website that delivers deluxe beauty product samples to you every month! (they have other websites like this but they are only available in the states, IE)Birch box) I was SO excited when I found a Canadian company! They are based out of Montreal, and you receive a small make-up bag and 4 or 5 sample products to try! When i first heard of this, I was like "where the HELL have i been and why am I not a part of this!!??". Its SO perfect if you are a product junkie (like myself) only NOW you don't have to spend fortunes on stuff you want to try! Its only $12.00 per month (or you can pay for a whole year) and you can quit at any time. Anyways, you're tired of my's what I received for my July Glymm Box:

I have already tried all the products, as I was too excited to wait; one of them I tried on the train, minutes after I got it ha ha.

It contains: "Social Butterfly" Hair Perfume by Maneteeze, "dirt" Purify + Glow salt scrub (OMG SMELLS SOOOOOOO GOOD!!!!) "Joico" K-PAK Revitaluxe Restorative treatment, and "Cyberderm" PM Anti-Age cream & H20 Hydration cream. (I also received a little coupon for 25% off nail polish on!

All in all, I enjoyed ALL the products. However the Cyberderm was..different. REALLY cool packaging, as both creams come in syringes! The PM Anti-Age was very light and soaked into my skin instantly. The H20 cream was quite heavy, maybe better for the winter months for sure. BUT Cyberderm is a sunscreen company and BOTH those creams have SPF in them and they have natural and medicinal actives in them.

Well folks, hope you enjoyed the I am off to paint my ceramic owl I just bought (pic below), and I just wanted to blog about this fabulous company!

Love, Laura

Please visit for more info, or to sign up!!!

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