Monday, May 23, 2011

How green IS the grass on the other side?

Good evening fellow readers! Nice to see you here! Instead of my usual small talk, I will just get right into tonight's blog, as far as singles and relationships, is the grass really greener on the other side?!

I recently had a close friend suffer great heartbreak via break-up. Ah break-ups...its called a "break-up" because its broken. So naturally, she is single and ready to mingle..for the most part. And being a women in a long term relationship, I find myself sometimes a little jealous of my single gal pals. As if there is this tiny 1% of my self that feels shelved. This tiny 1% just wants to let loose like hunter in a gun shop. So, I sometimes live vicariously through my single friends, offering my best advice, needed or not and always up for good male-bashing. Lets just get one thing straight here, I LOVE where I am in my life with my man and up until last night, that 1% was starting to become more of a 10%. Read on...

Being that she is now single, of course she wants to go out, and work that "I'm a single girl" swag, and boy, did we ever. Being out of the game for a while..a LONG while, I really forgot what it was like to be single and on the prowl and maybe my patients have worn thin in my old age of 25. The bar we went to, did play awesome music, and we were a little drunk when we got there, but it was PACKED, extremely hot and the majority of men had their shirts off (it was "glow" night, and everyone was painted up) and most of the tiny girls had close to nothing on. Did i forget this is how the bar scene really is??? or was I so young it was actually FUN?

That being said, being in that bar, in the crowd, surrounded by drunk creepers, it took me right back to the rype age of 19. And the girl I used to be..chasing all the tail I could get (sorry mom lol) and just looking for a good time, or so I thought that's what I wanted. Being in there reminded me of how desperate I used to be! And how this life I have now, is ALL i wanted; living with someone amazing, who treats me better than I deserve sometimes. It took me back to bar-hopping - and for the sake of drama - bed hopping! So I'll ask you the grass REALLY greener??? sometimes, yes, it truly seems like it, but I bet you ask any one of those half-tanked girls in the bar, and most of them would want nothing more than to have someone to come home to at the end of night, and not some creepy random who most likely is harboring genital warts, which you won't find out until AFTER the fact- and no I don't have experience in this, but I can imagine the frustration!

Case in point reader, that small 1% of myself I felt was being shelved and caged up?? she is now more of a .001% now. I Love my life..and I love him even more..and wouldn't trade this life, to wake up to an STD card holder...not now..or ever!

Love, Laura xoxoxo

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Summer 2011 Faves

I know what you're thinking...OMG ANOTHER soon!???? Well actually, I've just been really behind in blogging, I've been more in to "vlogging" lately (video-blogging), and will keep you poster on those. Anyways, onto my topic of today...My summer 2011 faves! As anyone who knows me, knows I LOVE to do with Keith's visa and a shopping mall makes me CARAZZZIIIIEEEEEE!!!!! Anyways, i know I did a winter favorites, and its the reason for the season...which is summer!!! And don't let this ridiculous wind discourage you form buying those cute summer dresses, because before you know it, we'll be so damn hott, we'll be begging for this breeze, well maybe not THIS much, but you get the idea.

So I've been doing my research, and by research I mean spending money, on, Old Navy, Winners, Addition-elle, etc. and Have some up with some very cute things I plan on obtaining in my summer closet! Here goes..

Ahhh cute summer dresses!  I am SO in love with all of these!!! The first 2, look so effortless and chic! I could wear either of these to work or to do some casual weekend shopping! They can be dressed up or down with accessories! The 3rd one, is MY LOVE!! I love the pin-up inspired shape of it and the cherries are so cute! I'd wear this on a hot summer night on the town, or I'd ad a longer light sweater to it and wear it to work! In case you're wondering, I do work in an office, but we do not have a strict "office" policy as far as long as you don't wear jeans and look professional and neat, its all good, and in summer we get a bit more casual!

 YES, I am still obsessed with tights/leggings, but as the weather warms up, I find it less necessary to wear leggings with dresses! BUT, I do however still plan on wearing sheer/Lacey tights with short skirts or dresses. The first and last pair I'd wear with a skirt or dress and some flats, again very work appropriate or weekend appropriate. The Middle ones, i feel completely in love with because they are LEOPARD LEGGINGS, my two favorite loves! I am undecided what I'd wear them with tho...might save them for fall and wear it with a short black skirt and some boots, as such a bold print might make people think i am a chubby cheetah haha!

 Cute summer denim!!! I love those skinny ankle jeans w/ a zipper!! So cute! Wear these for a date night with the Cami/cardigan on the right! I also LOVE denim Bermuda shorts..for the lake or the city! If you can find a pair of dressy Bermudas for work, that's great too!!! Wear with a cute breezy it!

 Obviously these aren't to be paired together, but i didn't wanna to 2 separate posts for just these! The first one is a sexy nightie, and just because its hot outside doesn't mean it has to be in the bedroom! Slip this on and the weather outside won't be the only thing to make him sweat!  The sandals, I thought, were so nice! lots of sweet detail and they can be paired with o many things, from jeans to dresses and even shorts!!! There are SOOOO many different types of sandals for this year, but I have had my eye on these for a while!!

Anyways, that's all for today...I'll keep ya posted with more fresh summer buys!! Thanks so Reading :)

Love, Laura xoxox

QUESTION: Whats your favorite summer "must have"??????

A letter to me...

Good day good lookin'! I realize I have no blogged in a while, but give a girl a break! Life gets busy, and to be honest I have had this idea for a couple weeks now, and seriously, every day I'm like "i gotta do that blog..".."gotta get that blog done...", etc. SO HERE IT IS!!!! It is a letter I am writing to 16 year old self. Given that, that doesn't need an explanation, here goes...

"It takes courage to grow up and be who we really are" ~ E.E Cummings.

Dear 16-year-old Me,

       I wish I could've gotten this letter to you sooner, but you and I both know we're procrastinators. Speaking of procrastinating, maybe we should put that term into real life. As in, START procrastinating this whole "growing up" thing. You have SO much time to see the world and fall in love!  Sleep in, eat junk food (well maybe eat and laugh with friends until you cannot breath, and take TOO many pictures, which thankfully you already do!. Because let me tell you...TIME FLIES! Cherish all those moments, only the good ones, and forget the bad!

      Also, don't take high school too seriously, these moments will not sum up your entire life, and to people who think it will, aren't worth a moment more of your time. I know that you think this is what life REALLY is on the outside, but trust me when I say it isn't. trust me when I say, that when you finally graduate (which you will..successfully!) and leave this small town, you'll learn a lot more than you ever thought possible....and just to warn you, skinned knees are a lot easier to heal than broken hearts, which, being the girl I know best, you'll manage with impeccable comedic sarcasm.

     There will be plenty of bumps in the road, and a few..well okay, A LOT of great times...some you'll remember and may not (you'll realize what I'm talking about in a couple years). Bottom line is that, these "bumps" will shape you into the most amazing and strong, genuine person you are today, i should know, I know her quite well. Also, stop caring SO much about what people think about you. It really doesn't matter in the end! And i forgot to mention, through all the broken hearts and crash n burn WILL meet someone amazing! He will be everything you asked for and more.

    Bottom line, stay up late, spend frivolously, gossip about that person in class, STUDY more, and just LIVE.  You have so much to see and do, you have no idea how truly beautiful your life will become and how happy you will be!

Love always,
    your 25-year-old self xoxo