Monday, May 23, 2011

How green IS the grass on the other side?

Good evening fellow readers! Nice to see you here! Instead of my usual small talk, I will just get right into tonight's blog, as far as singles and relationships, is the grass really greener on the other side?!

I recently had a close friend suffer great heartbreak via break-up. Ah break-ups...its called a "break-up" because its broken. So naturally, she is single and ready to mingle..for the most part. And being a women in a long term relationship, I find myself sometimes a little jealous of my single gal pals. As if there is this tiny 1% of my self that feels shelved. This tiny 1% just wants to let loose like hunter in a gun shop. So, I sometimes live vicariously through my single friends, offering my best advice, needed or not and always up for good male-bashing. Lets just get one thing straight here, I LOVE where I am in my life with my man and up until last night, that 1% was starting to become more of a 10%. Read on...

Being that she is now single, of course she wants to go out, and work that "I'm a single girl" swag, and boy, did we ever. Being out of the game for a while..a LONG while, I really forgot what it was like to be single and on the prowl and maybe my patients have worn thin in my old age of 25. The bar we went to, did play awesome music, and we were a little drunk when we got there, but it was PACKED, extremely hot and the majority of men had their shirts off (it was "glow" night, and everyone was painted up) and most of the tiny girls had close to nothing on. Did i forget this is how the bar scene really is??? or was I so young it was actually FUN?

That being said, being in that bar, in the crowd, surrounded by drunk creepers, it took me right back to the rype age of 19. And the girl I used to be..chasing all the tail I could get (sorry mom lol) and just looking for a good time, or so I thought that's what I wanted. Being in there reminded me of how desperate I used to be! And how this life I have now, is ALL i wanted; living with someone amazing, who treats me better than I deserve sometimes. It took me back to bar-hopping - and for the sake of drama - bed hopping! So I'll ask you the grass REALLY greener??? sometimes, yes, it truly seems like it, but I bet you ask any one of those half-tanked girls in the bar, and most of them would want nothing more than to have someone to come home to at the end of night, and not some creepy random who most likely is harboring genital warts, which you won't find out until AFTER the fact- and no I don't have experience in this, but I can imagine the frustration!

Case in point reader, that small 1% of myself I felt was being shelved and caged up?? she is now more of a .001% now. I Love my life..and I love him even more..and wouldn't trade this life, to wake up to an STD card holder...not now..or ever!

Love, Laura xoxoxo

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