Monday, February 28, 2011

We meet again..brick wall...


I have decided after much..MUCH debate, I need a new vision for my blog. After watching "Julia & Julia", it occurred to me, i need my blog to be about ONE main topic. I just can't seem to choose one! I feel like if i have ONE MAIN issue to revolve around, i will have an easier time coming up with ideas for blogs. Now..I have pondered many different roads...

  • Beauty..?
  • Fashion...for normal women?
  • Food?
  • Restoraunt reviews?
  • Relationships?
  • do some kind of experiment (ie. Julia & but i have NO idea what..?
And this is as far as I get... SO, i need help..from YOU! I need ideas...what would u enjoy reading about??? what do ya see..what do ya know..???help!!!

On a completely unrelated topic..Keith and I went to "Tasty Tomato" tonight and it was REALLY good! They have this "3 course dinner" special going right now, Monday-Thursday for $17.99!! It wasn't a big menu, but the price is right and the food was pretty darn good...and the palce is really cute and italian.

SO ANYWAYS..back to my point. I NEED HELP...gimme ideas...ANYTHING at this point..seriously. Hell if you want sex..I'll get ya sex..I just MAY not post it to facebook as much haha. So lay it on me friends.

Desperatly yours,
-Laura xoxoxo

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Where's all the fresh meat?? (VIDEO)

Gooood Evening!!! This is yet another fantastical Video Blog!!! This one is all about dating and where the HELL you meet available bachelors...?? Not that i am looking...well..I'll explain...


Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Video Blog..Update of life..

Hey random reader...heres something a bit diffrent for tonight...a video blog, because I'm lazy and this was easier!!! Enjoy!!!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011


So here I work...planning what crops to plant on Cityville, and how long they will take and will I have time to harvest them before the work day is over??? best plant the 5 minute strawberries..just be on the safe side,..don't wanna become a work-a-holic after all...

Did you enjoy that mental image??? I Hope so, i know I'm enjoying the reality. Actually, truth is, it is a little known fact that, we, as humans deliberately find ways to distract ourselves from our everyday work. Constantly checking emails, checking your phone for a text-er- I mean time, checking out facebook to see if your crops are ready yet..or if anything interesting is happening to anyone...hell YOU even waste time to creep on certain people on facebook, i know I do. So, my point is reader...WHAT THE HELL DID WE DO BEFORE FACEBOOK??? Seriously...I've had the Internet for most of my life, having a computer growing up with ridiculously slooooooow dial-up, and I didn't actually get into facebook until maybe 4.5 years ago. I must have been doing SOMETHING on here....or maybe i was doing other living my life or maybe even buckling down and doing some good old fashioned work.

This got me thinking...what do i do when I need to shut my techie brain down and unwind?? I have no darn idea. if I'm not on my computer either blogging or doing my usual facebook creeping, most likely I'm thinking about doing it...and who my next victim is.  Turns out I really need to tap back into reality and REAL relationships with people...not status updates and event invitations. I miss the days when you had a simple cell phone and actually had to CALL someone, and don't get me wrong I LIVE for texting, but when I do actually get that phone call form my mother, who btw, refuses to own a cell phone, it snaps me back into a real human being and missing the sound of another persons voice. I will admit my biggest reason for not talking on the phone very much is because i don't really like it. Unless I have a DOOZEY of a story and its too long to text. Otherwise, i hate awkward silences and the old .."alright we'll ill yak at ay later...ok!...ok?...ok!...okbye...bye." Its so weird and if anyone has suggestions for normal telephone "goodbye" please lay it on me. Texting is just laziness really...but I feel we're all sord of losing that real connection that is second nature to us all.

Come to think of it, because of facebook, there is really no need for High School Reunions anymore. Why? because every damn person you went to high school with is on your facebook...constantly updating status and you see pictures of their wedding and babies, etc. Hell even the people you HATED in high school are now on your facebook, as if facebook has brought you together and made you completely for get about your god, what have we become ha ha. Somedays, i feel its getting to be a bit much. the fact that I get ads on the side of my facebook based on my looks/personality obviously means someones constantly watching you and keeping track of your crap. I get ads for "plus size clothes". No correct me if iam wrong, but i don't really advertise that on my facebook..."Laura Macyk is fat"!!!" has never been my status. So, they must see my pix and go hay! She'll be into this. Its kind of horrifying and very NOT private if you ask me. But when i begin thinking this way, i remember my crops have most likely harvested and I'm back in facebook mode.

Anyways, that's enough of that for now, just wanted to give you something to think about. have a wonderful afternoon!

- Love, laura xoxox

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

If You Really Knew me...

Good evening!!

For tonight's blog, I'm gonna be doing something a little different than my usual, jokey/sarcastic/bitch-it-out session. I will get a little deep on this one..but I got this idea from a show on MTV, called "If you really knew me". I have facebooked about this before and didn't get as far as i wanted...only updating a couple statuses. The show features different High Schools around the US, that deal with bullying, clicks, etc.- Normal high school drama. It breaks everyman into random groups and you sit in a circle with 4 of your other peers and being saying.."If you really knew me..". Its shocking to see what type of struggles everyone goes through..from the Popular the chubby loners. Its a real tear-jerker, let me tell you..I'm pretty sure I've cried every episode I've seen. It also talks about how the VAST majority of people resemble an Iceberg, in that we only show 10% of our real selves to society..and the other 90% remains hidden because we are afraid of being judged and/or ridiculed for who we REALLY are..think about it. This also bring me back to the blog I did a while back about "Stereo-typing saves time..or so they say". SO, now that I've explained how it works, I will remove my own mask and let you in a few secrets of goes...

If You Really Knew Me...
It took me a VERY long time to realize I was worthy of love..and that he isn't going anywhere.

If You Really Knew Me...
You'd know that my parents divorce changed the way I look/feel about love forever...not that I've ever known any different.

If You Really Knew Me...
You'd know, as tough as I try to be on the outside, I am ALL heart and take EVERYTHING personally.

If You Really Knew Me...
I HATE crying in front of ANYONE..i feel ashamed if I ever have.

If You Really Knew Me...
You'd know, that when it comes to friendships, I mate for life...and I have no time for flakers.

If You Really Knew Me...
You'd know that my Ultimate dream job is to own my own Spa!

If You Really Knew Me...
It takes me a longtime before I can get close to anyone

If You Really Knew Me...
You'd know it takes a lot of effort to be the type of friend, each friend in my life needs.

If You Really Knew Me...
My life's aspiration is to have./keep great love...above all else.

If You Really Knew Me...
You'd know I have a true gift at knowing what a person is REALLY like..even before our first conversation.

If You Really Knew Me...
You'd know when I'm upset/sad, I refuse to turn to substance...I take walks to clear my head.

If You Really Knew Me...
I am displeased by how I look without make-up on...and sometimes wish I could carry around a picture of myself at my best, and show random people THAT picture (if they catch me without make-up on) and say, this is how I USUALLY look.

If You Really Knew Me..
You'd know I am a TRUE romantic...although I hate to admit it.

If You Really Knew Me..
I will NEVER tell you something you WANT to hear...I'll always tell you exactly what you NEED to hear/or what I think..This is not a bakery, I don't sugar coat ANYTHING.

If You Really Knew Me..
I Over-think and Over-analyze EVERYTHING.

If You Really Knew Me..
I have a quick temper, but am even quicker to forgive.

Well folks, that's about all for tonight. Hope you enjoyed...I feel a bit naked without my armour on right now, I must say. But i felt the need to go BALLS OUT on this one, and I'm proud that I did. Anyways, have a fantastic night!!!!

Question: Post a comment with the words "If you really knew me.." And tell me something deep/dark/random about yourself.

- Love, Laura xoxox

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Its on like Donkey Kong

Well hello reader...Its a bright eyed 10:50pm...and I've a STRONG Caesar and am ready to roar. It seems my last blog caused a bit of uproar b/c MY FAVORITE day of the year (valentines day) is overly commercialized and perhaps I shouldn't go spouting off that's it my favorite or have great love in my life. Also, seeing as its easier for me to remain positive since all I've ever had is  good relationship, I should shut my big mouth when it comes to being single and keepin' ya head up. Long story short, sometimes when ya try to be funny and/or can blow-up in ya face like a spark hitting a blow-up doll...or blow up sheep as tonight's festivities included.

I will warn you before you read what Iam about to say: THIS NEXT PARAGRAPH IS MY OWN OPINION AND IS NOT DIRECTED AT ANY PERSON(S) IN PARTICULAR...JUST SOMETHING I NEED TO VENT ABOUT (PS: You don't want the truth, don't come to the park)

I am so GAWD DAMN tired of feeling bad for having a great relationship! I'm so FUCKING tired of handing out positive advice to singles everywhere and it taking a negative turn. And I know, NO ONE ASKED ME for it...but i freely give it, cuz I'm nice like that. I'm tired of not wanting to talk about my relationship or the good things that happen and stuff we do all the time, b/c I don't want to make anyone feel bad about their own lack of love. And while it has been a while (over 5 years) since i was single, i DO remember what it was like, and how much i envied other couples!!! But I asked for my man EVERYDAY! every birthday wish, every 11:11 time....EVERY SINGLE DAY! And no, I didn't get him overnight...I had to go through a lotta BULLSHIT and losers before i saw him through the thick fog of douchebagery. I'm tired of being criticized for trying to keep others positive...and ya know what??? If you've given up on finding Love?? That's your damn business...after all no one said this life is easy, but it will always be worth it.

Anyways, I think I've vented enough for one night. I also wanted to include this quote:
" Remember, behind every cynic there lies a romantic, and probably a hurt one.."

Which to me means, I perhaps need to take it easy on the ones who don't have love and want to stab every other couple in the jaw. Its tough out there...and sometimes you gotta kiss A LOT..i mean TONS...of dirt bags/assholes/ I-love-you too soon charlies/stalkers..and even cheaters. And as an amazing country song once put it.."god bless the broken road that lead me straight to you.." Because it WILL be worth it...every tear, unanswered phone call..and every broken heart. And YES, iam ending this ON a positive note, ONLY because my man-friend came home and gave me a kiss and snapped me outta my shitty hater mood :) Anyways..have a goodnight, my faithful reader.

- Love, Laura xoxoxo

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Just Say Yes!


I LOVE this song...its by snow patrol. Some friends got married a couple summers ago and they had "Chasing Cars by Snow patrol" as their first dance song...and after that romance, I went on a snow patrol rampage, and came across this little number.... and when it comes to Love..."Just say Yes!" the song says.

In lieu of valentines day, I will speak of Love...and the possibility of letting love in. I'm not sure if there really is any GREATER feeling than being in Love, especially with someone amazing. When your in love, theres nothing wrong in the world. You always catch yourself smiling. I believe "Rose colored sunglasses" is the term that comes to mind...but in a good way, not a "he hits me b/c he's stressed at work" kind of way. ANYWAYS, whether you've just met someone special and you think it might turn into something great..or you've been together for 10 years and are like 2 teenagers. Love really is the answer...and I believe part of you remains unawakened until you cercum to this amazing inevitability.

Here are a couple of my FAVORITE Love Quotes:

"When it comes to love, you need not fall but rather surrender, surrender to the idea that you must love yourself before you can love another. You must absolutely trust yourself before you can absolutely trust another and most importantly you must accept your flaws before you can accept the flaws of another."

"Girls are taught a lot of stuff growing up. If a guy punches you he likes you. Never try to trim your own bangs and someday you will meet a wonderful guy and get your very own happy ending. Every movie we see, Every story we're told implores us to wait for it, the third act twist, the unexpected declaration of love, the exception to the rule. But sometimes we're so focused on finding our happy ending we don't learn how to read the signs. How to tell from the ones who want us and the ones who don't, the ones who will stay and the ones who will leave. And maybe a happy ending doesn't include a guy, maybe... it's you, on your own, picking up the pieces and starting over, freeing yourself up for something better in the future. Maybe the happy ending is... just... moving on. Or maybe the happy ending is this, knowing after all the unreturned phone calls, broken-hearts, through the blunders and misread signals, through all the pain and embarrassment you never gave up hope." 

I am  closet romantic...who in the last few years has decided to come out of hiding, after all, I GOT NO SHAME IN MY GAME!! I literally love the !@#$ out of love! V-Day is my favorite holiday and while, I do play for the "couples" team, it was always a day I enjoyed. I feel, even if your single and looking to mingle, you gotta strut on this that hair and that fantastic ass, as Ru Paul puts it "you betta WORK!". Well, you betta be workin' it everyday, but this day put a little something extra into it. Show that guy a few cubicles over that you ain't got shame in yo game....or maybe that looker you see on the bus/train every morning. I'll tell ya...I have been with my man-friend over 5 years now...and I still work it, in fact i worked it so damn good apparently this morning, i was smiled at AND approach by a cute random stranger..."sorry I'm taken..." I sweetly say. Its still nice to know I got it! BOTTOM LINE: For you single ladies ("all the single ladies...put a ring on it...." Sorry, i got caught up..) these available bachelors are EVERYWHERE, you just need to look up from the eBook reader/Ipod every so often...chances are "Mr. Tie-me-up, Tie-Me-Down" is checking you out....shooting him a smile, whats the harm?? Your being friendly? No harm done, I say.  Well this is about it for tonight, I'm sure I'll speak of great love in a couple more days. Hope you enjoyed my read, as per usual.

Question:  Whats the best love advice you can give? Whats the best you've ever been given???

- Love, Laura xoxox

Monday, February 7, 2011

If I can't be Beautiful, I'd rather just Die

Hi I am keeping my promise I made last night regarding a post about my make-up! I have a TON of different make-up...from crazy sparkles to stick on eye shadows! First I'll tell you about the stuff i live for everyday, and then I'll let you in on some HUGE favorites...not for everyday, but good occasions! here goooes!!!

I use one a lot of people MAY not approve of, but I really don't give a hot damn! I have been using this one in particular for about 4 years now. Its been off and on, but I ALWAYS seem to go back for this one. It lasts a long time, although it will look like it doesn't, but its a mousse texture and a little goes a LONG way. I have used a lot of different kinds...even the ones that are a ball-bustin $50!!! But my tried and tested foundation love goes too......Maybeline Dream Matte Mousse!!!!! Its just fantastic!
I'm really not to picky when it comes to these...I actually got this compact as a gift from my man-friend and turns out the colors really work on me and I've been using it for a long time...I use an Estee Lauder comes with 3 different blushes, that I mix n match, and 1 bronzer that fits me perfectly :)
Eye Liner/Eye Shadow
For my liner...i literally by THE CHEAPEST one I see! I'm really not to picky about this particular pencil, as long as it goes on dark and comes off easily! Right now, my current one is by Rimmel..and its the blackest one they've got! For my eye shadow, right now my favorite it Loreal HIP (High Impact Pigment) shadows, I have a couple, but the one i use everyday is called "Wicked"...its a purpley-plum color on one side and a Goldy sandy color on the perfect!
I always tend to by a new one every time, but my current favorite, which I've gone back to a couple times, is Lash works really good and delivers what it promises!!! And the price ain't to bad either :D
Now, onto something I love and is my savior. I don't use this product everyday, but I spent a bit o cash to get it and boy was it worth it!!! Its called "Model In a Bottle". It keeps your make-up on all day...just a little finishing spray does the trick! It also smells really good! Like i said, I don't use it everyday, but for nights out or parties or any special occasions where I don't want to have to be touching myself up...this stuff does the trick.  Another thing i discovered a couple years ago was stick on eye shadows. I found them at Sephora one day, wondering how well they'd really work...and SWEET GREENS AND JU-JU BEANS it certainly did!!! They are SO easy to use and darn convenient. I bought the ones with the cool designs like zebra prints, camouflage and leopard print! I always get a ton of compliments on them and people asking how i did it! You can also buy them in regular make-up case your not sure how to do certain looks...they are perfect for you!

Well folks, that is all for now!  By the way, Valentines day is coming up, and it is my FAVORITE holiday of the I LOVE love! So bear with me this week as my blogs might get a bit mushy...or sentimental...also, I will be wearing falsies for valentines day...get your head out of the gutter, I'm speaking of false lashes!!! Before going in for the real thing, I'm gonna wear them out for a hott date night...and we'll go from there...also I might buy some over the next couple days and see how THAT goes ha ha...I'll keep ya posted fo sho! Anyways...peace, love and chicken grease y'all!

Question: What type of products are you afraid to try but have always wanted to?? Maybe its fake lashes??? Heck maybe its tattooing your make-up on???

_ Love, Laura xoxox

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Ballin' on a Budget

I thought I'd give you some music to jam to while you read...a current favorite of mine!

Sundays always seem to be the best time to blog for me...I'm relaxed, and not thinking about anything in particular...AND a perfect day talk to you about 'Ballin' on a Budget! or better yet..Diva on a Dime! In this post I will let you in on my juicy secrets for looking fabulous..all day..everyday...well most days anyways. I also manage to do it all no worry of breaking that bank!

My Hair Production (OH its quite a show folks)
My current favorite shampoo/conditioner duo is Tresemme..its SUPER cheap for the Liters, I think I paid $3.99 for each...DAMN cheap!

Another everyday favorite is a new leave in conditioner I'm trying out! Its form the new-ish Loreal EverPure line. It smells SO good and makes my hair SUPER soft and shiny. It is a bit more than I'd usually pay, which i believe was about $11- $12..? but its been TOTALLY worth it...and it lasts long since i don't wash my hair much..HA! This is what it looks like...

I also use a finishing cream..which some people are afraid of, but trust me, with enough practice its well worth it! You just have to learn how/what type to use!! I use a cream based one that has a bit of sheen added to it (i use a cream b/c my hair can get kind of dry...thus the reason i don't wash it often..) I use Bed Head's AFTER PARTY. Its so amazing and I have been addicted to it FOREVER..cost wise...i believe i paid under $10 for it...and it lasts a long ass time since your not using much at a time! (it looks kinda kinky almost he he)

AAAAAaaaannnd LAST but DEFIANTLY not ALL TIME FAVORITE HAIR SPRAY OF ALL TIME: Tresemme Hairspray #4 (extra hold), very cheap @ $3.99 and its a HUGE can! I have gone through thousands of different sprays, from high end salon ones to generic walmart ones...and this one BY FAR beats them all!!! Its not only a fantastic bargain, but it has such great hold! They have different levels you can buy..but i always stick with holds amazing for huge hair..and works great for soft i have today...not that you can see ha ha. By far my most used and favored product in my collection.

..So this pretty much sums my haircare routine up! I don't use all of these everyday...but i use at least one of two..hairstyle pending. I also a lot More products, b/c I am a product junkie...but i don't use them very often and clearly they aren't worth RAVING about!! Anyways...I believe I will do a make-up junkie post for out for that!!!

QUESTION: What are YOUR favorite products??? Any recommendations or life-long loves???

- Love, Laura xoxo

Friday, February 4, 2011

OOo Sweet Pain..

So it turns out I haven't done any blogs in a little bit :( , lucky for you though, I JUST got home from having my wisdom teeth pulled out! And thankfully, they were all simple extractions and now my whole head is sucks...and I think I have FINALLY stopped was gross, I looked aweful. Isn't it just the way, you see all these people you'd rather NOT see when your mouth is stuffed full of cotton and your drooling blood and saliva and don't even notice it...EXAMPLE: My mum dropped me off, and in the Lobby were these 2 young girls asking if we had 3 bedrooms in picture this: Im standing there, and I can see their obviously starring at my mouth, and i manage to muffle out: "i,,jus have orial sergery..I no goo pursin to ak" and they laughed and I walked in and getting onto the elevator, i didnt see these too VERY good looking guys come out and smile...and I thinking "ok so maybe i dont look THAT aweful..." AND I get upstairs to my place and walk into my bathroom (my cats meowing and is somehow trapped in the hall closet..) and I glance in the mirror to get the cotton out and I have this LINE of DRIED BLOOD dripping down my Chin, which im SURE everyone saw on the way up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OH EHM GHEE! how embarrassing is right...

Anyways, I just wanted to share that story with you...and btw, my cat is fine...he somehow got trapped in there..i doubt he was in for very long tho, i hope! But i shall go...i'm tired...all that fear/shaking/anxiety can really take alot outta ya! Peace for now my faithful readers...

- Love, Laura xoxox