Monday, February 7, 2011

If I can't be Beautiful, I'd rather just Die

Hi I am keeping my promise I made last night regarding a post about my make-up! I have a TON of different make-up...from crazy sparkles to stick on eye shadows! First I'll tell you about the stuff i live for everyday, and then I'll let you in on some HUGE favorites...not for everyday, but good occasions! here goooes!!!

I use one a lot of people MAY not approve of, but I really don't give a hot damn! I have been using this one in particular for about 4 years now. Its been off and on, but I ALWAYS seem to go back for this one. It lasts a long time, although it will look like it doesn't, but its a mousse texture and a little goes a LONG way. I have used a lot of different kinds...even the ones that are a ball-bustin $50!!! But my tried and tested foundation love goes too......Maybeline Dream Matte Mousse!!!!! Its just fantastic!
I'm really not to picky when it comes to these...I actually got this compact as a gift from my man-friend and turns out the colors really work on me and I've been using it for a long time...I use an Estee Lauder comes with 3 different blushes, that I mix n match, and 1 bronzer that fits me perfectly :)
Eye Liner/Eye Shadow
For my liner...i literally by THE CHEAPEST one I see! I'm really not to picky about this particular pencil, as long as it goes on dark and comes off easily! Right now, my current one is by Rimmel..and its the blackest one they've got! For my eye shadow, right now my favorite it Loreal HIP (High Impact Pigment) shadows, I have a couple, but the one i use everyday is called "Wicked"...its a purpley-plum color on one side and a Goldy sandy color on the perfect!
I always tend to by a new one every time, but my current favorite, which I've gone back to a couple times, is Lash works really good and delivers what it promises!!! And the price ain't to bad either :D
Now, onto something I love and is my savior. I don't use this product everyday, but I spent a bit o cash to get it and boy was it worth it!!! Its called "Model In a Bottle". It keeps your make-up on all day...just a little finishing spray does the trick! It also smells really good! Like i said, I don't use it everyday, but for nights out or parties or any special occasions where I don't want to have to be touching myself up...this stuff does the trick.  Another thing i discovered a couple years ago was stick on eye shadows. I found them at Sephora one day, wondering how well they'd really work...and SWEET GREENS AND JU-JU BEANS it certainly did!!! They are SO easy to use and darn convenient. I bought the ones with the cool designs like zebra prints, camouflage and leopard print! I always get a ton of compliments on them and people asking how i did it! You can also buy them in regular make-up case your not sure how to do certain looks...they are perfect for you!

Well folks, that is all for now!  By the way, Valentines day is coming up, and it is my FAVORITE holiday of the I LOVE love! So bear with me this week as my blogs might get a bit mushy...or sentimental...also, I will be wearing falsies for valentines day...get your head out of the gutter, I'm speaking of false lashes!!! Before going in for the real thing, I'm gonna wear them out for a hott date night...and we'll go from there...also I might buy some over the next couple days and see how THAT goes ha ha...I'll keep ya posted fo sho! Anyways...peace, love and chicken grease y'all!

Question: What type of products are you afraid to try but have always wanted to?? Maybe its fake lashes??? Heck maybe its tattooing your make-up on???

_ Love, Laura xoxox


  1. Ohhh man, tattooing the makeup... Remember that asian lady at WR who wore the BRIGHT fuschia lipstick who got her eye liner tattoo'd?
    One thing that I'm really looking forward to getting is a red lipstick... like, 1930's, 1940's red. I think I'm going to try and Dior lipstick for this one.
    I LOVE my Estee Lauder Make up, and I totally have the HIP eye shadow in the same colour! Go us!

  2. Yay! Thats awesome! those HIP colors are so can put a little on or a lot depending on your it!!!! And thats great your going red for can be hard to find the right color for you, but once you do its the BEST thing you can do for yourself...i LOVE redlips day or night!

  3. Laura...I'm a mac and sephora junkie. I recently found the best everyday shadow...its a cream by benefit. The best part is its easy smoodge on and you can use it as a primer to take it from day to night. Fantastic product. Might try it in other colors...not that I need more eyeshadow (my addiction). I have always wanted to try those stick on I just might...VEGAS is coming up after all and where else better to have zebra print eyes!