Thursday, February 24, 2011

Where's all the fresh meat?? (VIDEO)

Gooood Evening!!! This is yet another fantastical Video Blog!!! This one is all about dating and where the HELL you meet available bachelors...?? Not that i am looking...well..I'll explain...



  1. I loved that book too!!! I met Richard online and am damn proud to admit it!! lol

  2. really????? thats great!!!!! More and more people are meeting online!!!

  3. First off! I love your sparkly shirt and how your kitties are in the background!
    And as for speeddating, even though I'm married, I'd totally just go for fun. Maybe we should plan an outting?

    My family hasn't ever set me up to date someone, but my older sister set up a one night stand for me...

    M and I met at Ceili's Irish Pub in Calgary when we'd both sworn off the opposite sex. I haven't heard of many other instances where people met at a bar and got married.

    Good post!!

  4. Thanx Robin!!
    We SHOULD go speed dating...since were both not looking for anything...i think its be fun!!! And thats very excellent your sister set you up on a one night stand...thats hott lol. And it seems to me, when people aren't looking, at all, thats when you find someone...honestly!! ( and thats from my own personal experience!!)