Thursday, February 10, 2011

Just Say Yes!


I LOVE this song...its by snow patrol. Some friends got married a couple summers ago and they had "Chasing Cars by Snow patrol" as their first dance song...and after that romance, I went on a snow patrol rampage, and came across this little number.... and when it comes to Love..."Just say Yes!" the song says.

In lieu of valentines day, I will speak of Love...and the possibility of letting love in. I'm not sure if there really is any GREATER feeling than being in Love, especially with someone amazing. When your in love, theres nothing wrong in the world. You always catch yourself smiling. I believe "Rose colored sunglasses" is the term that comes to mind...but in a good way, not a "he hits me b/c he's stressed at work" kind of way. ANYWAYS, whether you've just met someone special and you think it might turn into something great..or you've been together for 10 years and are like 2 teenagers. Love really is the answer...and I believe part of you remains unawakened until you cercum to this amazing inevitability.

Here are a couple of my FAVORITE Love Quotes:

"When it comes to love, you need not fall but rather surrender, surrender to the idea that you must love yourself before you can love another. You must absolutely trust yourself before you can absolutely trust another and most importantly you must accept your flaws before you can accept the flaws of another."

"Girls are taught a lot of stuff growing up. If a guy punches you he likes you. Never try to trim your own bangs and someday you will meet a wonderful guy and get your very own happy ending. Every movie we see, Every story we're told implores us to wait for it, the third act twist, the unexpected declaration of love, the exception to the rule. But sometimes we're so focused on finding our happy ending we don't learn how to read the signs. How to tell from the ones who want us and the ones who don't, the ones who will stay and the ones who will leave. And maybe a happy ending doesn't include a guy, maybe... it's you, on your own, picking up the pieces and starting over, freeing yourself up for something better in the future. Maybe the happy ending is... just... moving on. Or maybe the happy ending is this, knowing after all the unreturned phone calls, broken-hearts, through the blunders and misread signals, through all the pain and embarrassment you never gave up hope." 

I am  closet romantic...who in the last few years has decided to come out of hiding, after all, I GOT NO SHAME IN MY GAME!! I literally love the !@#$ out of love! V-Day is my favorite holiday and while, I do play for the "couples" team, it was always a day I enjoyed. I feel, even if your single and looking to mingle, you gotta strut on this that hair and that fantastic ass, as Ru Paul puts it "you betta WORK!". Well, you betta be workin' it everyday, but this day put a little something extra into it. Show that guy a few cubicles over that you ain't got shame in yo game....or maybe that looker you see on the bus/train every morning. I'll tell ya...I have been with my man-friend over 5 years now...and I still work it, in fact i worked it so damn good apparently this morning, i was smiled at AND approach by a cute random stranger..."sorry I'm taken..." I sweetly say. Its still nice to know I got it! BOTTOM LINE: For you single ladies ("all the single ladies...put a ring on it...." Sorry, i got caught up..) these available bachelors are EVERYWHERE, you just need to look up from the eBook reader/Ipod every so often...chances are "Mr. Tie-me-up, Tie-Me-Down" is checking you out....shooting him a smile, whats the harm?? Your being friendly? No harm done, I say.  Well this is about it for tonight, I'm sure I'll speak of great love in a couple more days. Hope you enjoyed my read, as per usual.

Question:  Whats the best love advice you can give? Whats the best you've ever been given???

- Love, Laura xoxox


  1. I love that first quote Laura! Especially being a single gal for what seems like forever and a day it took me a long time to realize my worth and know that I don't mind being single until the worthy ones comes along. Again...I will agree with you...about looking up at who is around you cause one never knows. Lastly...I don't appreciate the over commercialization of any holiday. Regardless if its christmas, easter, valentines day, thanksgiving or mother/fathers isn't about spending money and supporting the "commercial machine" its about being with those you love and just appreciating the day.

  2. "I love the quote from He's Just Not That Into You" I loved this post Laura!