Saturday, February 12, 2011

Its on like Donkey Kong

Well hello reader...Its a bright eyed 10:50pm...and I've a STRONG Caesar and am ready to roar. It seems my last blog caused a bit of uproar b/c MY FAVORITE day of the year (valentines day) is overly commercialized and perhaps I shouldn't go spouting off that's it my favorite or have great love in my life. Also, seeing as its easier for me to remain positive since all I've ever had is  good relationship, I should shut my big mouth when it comes to being single and keepin' ya head up. Long story short, sometimes when ya try to be funny and/or can blow-up in ya face like a spark hitting a blow-up doll...or blow up sheep as tonight's festivities included.

I will warn you before you read what Iam about to say: THIS NEXT PARAGRAPH IS MY OWN OPINION AND IS NOT DIRECTED AT ANY PERSON(S) IN PARTICULAR...JUST SOMETHING I NEED TO VENT ABOUT (PS: You don't want the truth, don't come to the park)

I am so GAWD DAMN tired of feeling bad for having a great relationship! I'm so FUCKING tired of handing out positive advice to singles everywhere and it taking a negative turn. And I know, NO ONE ASKED ME for it...but i freely give it, cuz I'm nice like that. I'm tired of not wanting to talk about my relationship or the good things that happen and stuff we do all the time, b/c I don't want to make anyone feel bad about their own lack of love. And while it has been a while (over 5 years) since i was single, i DO remember what it was like, and how much i envied other couples!!! But I asked for my man EVERYDAY! every birthday wish, every 11:11 time....EVERY SINGLE DAY! And no, I didn't get him overnight...I had to go through a lotta BULLSHIT and losers before i saw him through the thick fog of douchebagery. I'm tired of being criticized for trying to keep others positive...and ya know what??? If you've given up on finding Love?? That's your damn business...after all no one said this life is easy, but it will always be worth it.

Anyways, I think I've vented enough for one night. I also wanted to include this quote:
" Remember, behind every cynic there lies a romantic, and probably a hurt one.."

Which to me means, I perhaps need to take it easy on the ones who don't have love and want to stab every other couple in the jaw. Its tough out there...and sometimes you gotta kiss A LOT..i mean TONS...of dirt bags/assholes/ I-love-you too soon charlies/stalkers..and even cheaters. And as an amazing country song once put it.."god bless the broken road that lead me straight to you.." Because it WILL be worth it...every tear, unanswered phone call..and every broken heart. And YES, iam ending this ON a positive note, ONLY because my man-friend came home and gave me a kiss and snapped me outta my shitty hater mood :) Anyways..have a goodnight, my faithful reader.

- Love, Laura xoxoxo


  1. Love, love, love this post! So flippin true! I get the same thing from single friends! Congrats girl on finding your true love! Don't

  2. I know how you feel. I have a wonderful relationship with the love of my life and every day I wake up disbelieving that, since I spent years believing I'd never find the right guy.
    I feel so lucky and blessed to have him, to live with him, and to be having his baby - I don't want to feel bad about that!!
    So I'm going to post about how great he is, and have a photo of he and I as my FB pic, and mention him in my FB posts because I CAN.
    And no one should make me feel bad about that.

    It drives me crazy when publications like Cosmo write articles that say that "your friend who's profile pic is of her and her SO and she talks about the things they do a lot" is probably just sad and unhappy in her relationship and is trying to make it look better. It's not true of me, or of 80% (at least) of my friends.

    Anyway, sorry to write such a long comment but this struck a chord with me and I agree 100%.

  3. awww yay!!! thanx girls!!!
    And no need to apologize about a long comment...i looooove comments!!!!

  4. I hate it when people make you feel bad for being in love and in a good relationship. Thankfully, I haven't had that in this relationship so far... but you're right, I had to go through a lot of jerks and guys who weren't right for me for M.

    I'm super glad you found such an awesome guy. <3