Monday, March 13, 2017

Magnificent Transformation: mental gains in a mental game

Hello person reading this; you are so kind to take the time to read my thoughts. I figured to go in tandem with my last blog, this one wasn’t too far off! While I continue to still learn amazing things every day; the old adage  “what comes up, must come down” is still true.

Weight-loss is bullshit. It’s so god damn exhausting with the constant pushing yourself, having to think about EVERY SINGLE THING YOU EAT and struggling to not eat an entire jumbo size bag of smart pop. I’m one of the chosen ones by the universe that DOES have to carefully consider what I eat, how I eat it, when I work out (WHAT I work out) in order to not put these lost pounds back on. It’s such a mental game. And unless you are over-weight, you will NOT understand this. It’s so damn easy for people to say “oh just eat less” or “go to the gym more”. If it was THAT god damn easy, don’t you think we’d all be Victoria Secret models by now? To these people I say “for YOU, its easy”. You DO NOT have 31 years of bad habits under your belt! Think of how easy it is to change even the smallest part of who you are, and you will understand the struggle to change your ENTIRE life. We are bombarded by tasty foods in every facet of our life; Social media, TV, walking down the street, my co-workers delicious spicy chicken burger..and the list goes on.

If I could stop eating all together I would. It’s an addiction, straight up. Unfortunately we need to eat to live and make sure we do things like not murdering our neighbor when their dog won’t stop barking. How successful would an alcoholic be if they could just have ONE DRINK per day? I challenge you to say, not very. It takes work to change your mindset to food being fuel and not a constant void filler, or distraction. The way I am currently doing things is working for me; I meal prep and track on “myfitnesspal” app. This is not for everyone and I’ve heard people’s opinions. The problem with people’s opinions is that I don’t give a fuck about them. This works for me. I’m changing my life for ME. I’m extending my life for ME. Weight loss is an individual battle and I am doing it in a way that works well for me and I’ve seen solid and positive results and would never tell anyone HOW to do it and would encourage someone to start at their own pace and decide what works for them and go with it!

I am still a baby in this game but look forward to what the future holds and like anything in life, excited to learn and re-teach myself a new lifestyle. Its hard, and frustrating and moments when you want to give up are the times  you need to work the hardest. I’ve sweat more than I ever have, make ugly faces during that last rep at the gym, tell myself to “stop being a little bitch” when I think I can’t do ONE MORE bicept curl (I always can) and have broken more nails than I’d like….all in all, I’d not change a damn thing.

“When you look in the mirror and see no change, still keep faith knowing that in time you will get there if you stay focused and on track; that’s the difference between those who succeed and those who fail”

Love, Laura xoxox