Monday, September 23, 2013

Warning: This one is sensitive little bitch!

Oh..hello! My title really has nothing to do with reading this blog entry, but more with the topic of it. Question: If we were all forced to wear warning labels, what would YOURS say? Obviously it is something unfortunately negative in your personality or perhaps a glitch..shall we say. I came across the above picture on my daily 'Pinterest' procrastinating and saw that..and it REALLY made me think. It also made me think about how much time it would save us all. I mean, if you were talking to someone and saw their label said "obsessive" or "Phone-call-stalker"..pretty sure you would immediately look the other way. BUT since we don't, we are forced to ACTUALLY get to know people, and their crazy-pants dark underground garage, which they utilize to store bodies of ex boyfriends who wouldn't return their call(s) after the first date.

ANYWAYS, that's neither here nor there and I certainly hope you never have to face anyone like that!  Back onto the topic at hand; what would YOUR label say? Mine, would most likely say Overly-Sensitive. Now, I know what you're thinking...really? but yes, unfortunately...I am. I hide it behind a thick layer of pride and egotistical arrogance.  It really is more of a curse than a blessing, although, with being this sensitive, I am able to be more compassionate towards others and really try to put myself in their shoes.  I know I put up quite an arrogant front and might seem that I don't care when I give you brutally honest advice, but I ALWAYS try to put myself in other peoples shoes before I pass judgment or an opinion.  Anyways, my sensitivity. Anything mean, or even jokingly sarcastic anyone says to me, (even if its about something ridiculous I've posted on facebook) is ALWAYS taken too seriously. And yet, no one would know this. I manage to over-think everything ALL the time, and maybe that is my Leo glitches surfacing...we'll just cram those down with some loud, arrogant boasting about how got damn amazing I am (seriously, I'm kidding..).

In any case, this over-sensitivity consumes me sometimes. So much that I start getting on my own damn nerves. I'll find myself saying' Jesus, Laura..toughen up!" or "put your damn purse down and end this tea party.." which is code for, stop taking EVERYTHING so seriously..and stop over thinking it all! I Suppose things could be worse; my label COULD be something like:

  • Warning: She WILL go through your shit when your in the bathroom..
  • Warning: She has a severe drinking disorder
  • Warning: She will call your new girlfriend during the night, in hopes to get back together with you..
  • Warning: She WILL cut your hair off, in hopes to always have something to remember you by..
  • Warning: She MAY form an obsessive attachment with your man-parts..
  • Warning: She WILL force you to watch only girly movies
  • Warning: She is a plain o'l Bitch..
  • Warning: She IS a stalker
and so forth....

So, when you read those, mine or even yours doesn't seem SO bad. That's all I have time for tonight...but do tell...What would YOUR warning label say?

Love, Laura xoxox

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Random Thursday: Question/answer period!

Hello!! To switch up my usual rant/rave garbage, I decided to seek out the most RANDOM group of questions, and answer them..100% honestly! Seriously..there is no rhyme or reason for these questions, they are all over the map...enjoy!

Questions: What are your biggest 'pet peeves"?
Answer: Lateness and mispronunciation

Question: What is your biggest fear?
Answer: Death/Dying

Question: What was your first thought when you met your spouse?
Answer: FINALLY!!! (its a long story..haha)

Question: If money and/or jobs were no issue, where would you live?
Answer: New York or Paris

Question: What were you doing this day, 10 years ago?
Answer: I was just moving into the city, getting ready to go to Beauty School.

Question: Have you ever read a book that change your view point on something?
Answer: Yes, "He's Just NOT That Into You". Every woman NEEDS to read this book.

Question: What would you change about your spouse?
Answer: I'd change his view-point on himself, and give him the ability to see himself through my eyes.

Question; If your teenage daughter came to you and told her she was pregnant, what would you say?
Answer: "Is it April? Its April fools isn't it?". Haha, kidding. I'd discuss options and warn her about how hard raising a baby will be and go from there..

Question: How do you deal with disappointment?
Answer: I ALWAYS try to find a positive in it...and if I cannot change it, I learn and move on.

Question: Do you want children? If so, when?
Answer: Yes. Very soon..before 30-32.

Question: Whats your ideal wedding?
Answer: Private beach (NO resort wedding!), just him and I, our immediate family only.

Question: Whats the last thing you said out-loud?
Answer: "Not even gonna give me some sugar??" (Man-friend was leaving the house without a kiss!)

Question: What song would you use to describe your relationship?
Answer: "Love Song" by The Cure

Question: Is there a pick-up line that MAY work on you?
Answer: "Did you hear that noise? That's the sounds of your underwear flying across my room". Its awful, but would make me laugh SO hard, I'd have to at least TALK to that person..haha.

Question: What does the world need?
Answer: A drink...seriously.

Question: What are 3 things people should know about you?
Answer: 1) I'm very patient 2) If I am very quiet, I have too many things on my mind. 3) I seem shy and sweet when you first meet me...but am actually quite loud and arrogant.

Question: Are you a romantic?
Answer: Its sickening how romantic I am...I want roses, love letters and surprise dinners! (Not all at once..haha)

Question: What type of person annoys you?
Answer: Mean-hearted people and People who complain about their life, yet do NOTHING to change it. The past is THE PAST...nothing changes, if nothing changes.

Weeellllll I think that's enough questions for one night. I got these all from a bunch of different websites and just closed my eyes and picked at random.  This really was a RANDOM Thursday night blog...

Love, Laura xoxox

Sunday, September 1, 2013

To The Loves of my Life..

Happy Long weekend! I know what you're thinking; didn't she ALREADY make a blog about being back home..and wasn't it called "breath and reboot"? Yes, yes I did. And this one is along those same lines, but with a different twist.  I attended a wedding this past weekend in an even SMALLER town than I am from. Still very close (about 20 mins away from Smoky..) called "Bellis". Seriously..don't blink or you'll miss it.  Long story short, one of my best friends got married!!! She took the plunge and was the first of all of us to do it! It was such a fantastic day and night and really brings you back down to earth and puts things into on.

Growing up, I had a super tight group of girls I hung out with. There was 6 of us and they are the most amazing people you could ever meet. We are still good friends to this day; its been OVER 15 years! No, we don't get together THAT often, in fact this was the first time since around March/April. But every time we meet again, its as if no time has passed at all.  Sometimes with the business of each others lives and new friends/men in our lives, we all lose track of who we used to be.  This weekend, I think I can speak for the 6 of us, when I say, we all feel re-freshed and back down to earth. 

These fine ladies have been my life line for a long time. We have been through SO many things together..some we remember fondly..and some we TRY to remember, although kind of fuzzy ha ha.  As we get older, we all get our own lives and get busy with our jobs and partners. But as Saturday night fell upon us, we resorted back to memorized Backstreet Boys dances and old country line dances we learned in junior high. We felt like we were 16 all over again...but with more vodka running through our veins.  The laughs were endless, as were the hugs.  Sure we all have jobs/men making our lives crazy, but that all goes away once we all get together again.

We've all seen the BEST and WORST of each other and for me, I wouldn't change a thing about ANY of them.  I have been so amazingly blessed with such a group of incredible women and hope they feel the same.  I would also like to single our my NOW married girlfriend and say her wedding was perfect. Exactly her style...simple and fun! She has married her best friend and (as cheesy as it is..) they really do prove, that all you need is love.  To the rest of my girls, I love you more than anything.  We all have our own set of friends separately, but no one knows you better than the friends that you grew up with and for me, there is nothing more grounding than seeing them and realizing how blessed you are.

"We made a deal ages ago; men, doesn't matter. We're Soulmates"  - SATC

Love, Laura xoxox