Thursday, September 5, 2013

Random Thursday: Question/answer period!

Hello!! To switch up my usual rant/rave garbage, I decided to seek out the most RANDOM group of questions, and answer them..100% honestly! Seriously..there is no rhyme or reason for these questions, they are all over the map...enjoy!

Questions: What are your biggest 'pet peeves"?
Answer: Lateness and mispronunciation

Question: What is your biggest fear?
Answer: Death/Dying

Question: What was your first thought when you met your spouse?
Answer: FINALLY!!! (its a long story..haha)

Question: If money and/or jobs were no issue, where would you live?
Answer: New York or Paris

Question: What were you doing this day, 10 years ago?
Answer: I was just moving into the city, getting ready to go to Beauty School.

Question: Have you ever read a book that change your view point on something?
Answer: Yes, "He's Just NOT That Into You". Every woman NEEDS to read this book.

Question: What would you change about your spouse?
Answer: I'd change his view-point on himself, and give him the ability to see himself through my eyes.

Question; If your teenage daughter came to you and told her she was pregnant, what would you say?
Answer: "Is it April? Its April fools isn't it?". Haha, kidding. I'd discuss options and warn her about how hard raising a baby will be and go from there..

Question: How do you deal with disappointment?
Answer: I ALWAYS try to find a positive in it...and if I cannot change it, I learn and move on.

Question: Do you want children? If so, when?
Answer: Yes. Very soon..before 30-32.

Question: Whats your ideal wedding?
Answer: Private beach (NO resort wedding!), just him and I, our immediate family only.

Question: Whats the last thing you said out-loud?
Answer: "Not even gonna give me some sugar??" (Man-friend was leaving the house without a kiss!)

Question: What song would you use to describe your relationship?
Answer: "Love Song" by The Cure

Question: Is there a pick-up line that MAY work on you?
Answer: "Did you hear that noise? That's the sounds of your underwear flying across my room". Its awful, but would make me laugh SO hard, I'd have to at least TALK to that person..haha.

Question: What does the world need?
Answer: A drink...seriously.

Question: What are 3 things people should know about you?
Answer: 1) I'm very patient 2) If I am very quiet, I have too many things on my mind. 3) I seem shy and sweet when you first meet me...but am actually quite loud and arrogant.

Question: Are you a romantic?
Answer: Its sickening how romantic I am...I want roses, love letters and surprise dinners! (Not all at once..haha)

Question: What type of person annoys you?
Answer: Mean-hearted people and People who complain about their life, yet do NOTHING to change it. The past is THE PAST...nothing changes, if nothing changes.

Weeellllll I think that's enough questions for one night. I got these all from a bunch of different websites and just closed my eyes and picked at random.  This really was a RANDOM Thursday night blog...

Love, Laura xoxox

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