Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Please Don't Stop The Music..

I was sitting on the couch this evening, switching back and forth between "Dinner Party Wars" (LOVE that show..) and American Idol (only watch it when they're doing the auditions), and quietly pondering what my next blog should be...then it dawned on me...what is the BIGGEST part of my life?? That is right reader...MUSIC. Music is part of my life every moment of everyday. If its not physically on, I'm most likely jamming to it in my head...or randomly singing it out loud (i break into song about anything..sometimes i even sing to my cats...."my kitties are so huuuuunnngrrrrryyyyyyyyy" you know how it is...

As INTO music as I am, i sometimes get self-conscious when certain tunes come on my ipod on the way to work, for some reason thinking someone would hear it. When the reality of it is, WHY should i care what they think? If someone is judging you for the type of music your into, they aren't worth living, well maybe not that extreme, but you know what I mean...

Lets face it, we all have out guilty pleasures..and I am about to share a few with you, guilt free. I am NO long ashamed to admit...I LOVE Justin Bieber. There i said it! I'm into the Biebs...every damn song he puts out onto the radio is so catchy and i most likely end up putting it onto my ipod a few days later. He is young, pop and a total cutie, not that id' go there, hes like half my age...i think. And not to add insult to injury, but my bf got me a JB towel for Xmas this year as a joke...and i actually like it...and use it. (get your head outta the gutter...). ANYWAYS, iam also a huge Whitney Houston fan...old and new! Who else can i finally clear the air about...i will check my moment *tick-tok* Looks like i have some old and newish Cher, which i love!I also have a ton of BSB (FAN for life!!) NSYNC, Boys to Men, a BUTT LOAD of Country old and new....Dirty dancing soundtrack..Taylor Swift...Simply Red, Spice girls, a lot of Easy rock 70's tunes...and the list goes on.

Now that I have aired some of that dirty laundry, I will tell you why it is my "guilty Pleasure" and is so strange to see on my Itunes. I also have ALL of System of a Downs CD's, Snoop Dogg, Stabbing Westward, Shiney Toy Guns, Jeffree Star,Hatebreed, AFI, Stone Sour...and plenty of other NON-POP stuff. As it turns out, i will pretty much listen to anything, mood pending. Sometimes i need Techno...and sometimes i need Johnny Cash...that's pretty much how i roll.

All in all, reader, Music is MY LIFE. My anti-drug. It makes me feel happy when i want to be, and makes me cry when i maybe need to be. It helps bring out "party Laura" and totally "chill Laura"...i am a combination of different personalities...much like an enigma..haha.

Question: What are YOUR guilty pleasures?

Love, Laura xoxoxo


  1. HA!Dinner party wars is SO funny! Hmm, my guilty please is... ok, on my days of, I have no problem sleeping for 12 hours at night. AND THEN in the day I Could even go for a nap. Miss Vickies salt and vinegar chips, post secret, and my comfy underwear collection.

  2. I ALSO have a thing for Miss V's salt n vinegar chips..mmmmmmmm, and we share a love affair of PS :D