Sunday, January 30, 2011

The "Grateful" Blog

Ahhhh its Sunday..the MOST Justified "relax" day in the whole week! Just to get you up to speed on my was GREAT! Saturday I had some of my besties over for a "girls Night In" mini spa party, which was really fun! Finally got to catch up and spend some time with them! And it was nice to relax and get nice and refreshed...the good laughs were nice too! And today-for the first time in over a month- I went to my parents (we always have Sunday suppers there...but things have been prohibiting me from going), and that felt great again! Family always seems to bring a person back down to earth and feel normal again..defiantly keeps me grounded :) . Having had such a great weekend with friends and family, it made me feel grateful for all that I truly have! SO, in lieu of this feeling, i decided to make tonight's blog a list of random things I am truly grateful for, so here goes:

  • Family - Seems like an obvious one, right? Well, truth is, theres alot of people who aren't able to share this feeling, for whatever sad reason. I come from 2 sets of awesome parents! (my mom and dad divorced when i was very Young and are both re-married) And i couldn't be happier with them!  I can genuinely say, i LOVE hanging out with my parents. They are all soo cool and always seem to have the right advice or answers. I also gained the most amazing sister, who I am not sure I'd be able to live without :) My bro's ain' to bad either he he...all in all, iam truly blessed with the most amazing family anyone could ever want!!
  • My man-friend - He truly is, my everything. I couldn't imagine spending my life with anyone else, but him. I may not say it enough, but he is exactly what i was looking for, right down to the way he looks. He treats me amazing, and I know without a doubt would do anything for me anytime. He truly is..the cheese to my macaroni.
  • My Kitties - I am so damn grateful we got them! They are so fun and bad but every second with them is worth it! They welcome me home everyday with open paws, and while they may not speak it clearly, i know that *meow* when i get home, means I wuvz you...and that "wuvz" is unconditional :)
  • My life - Seems pretty general, but although i may not say it, or think it sometimes, I have an amazing life! There is nothing I do without. I live in very nice downtown apartment on the 15th floor with a spectacular view of downtown. I have a great job that I love, and am surrounded by the best people! Iam blessed with a fantastic and happy life.
There are so many things iam grateful for all day everyday, from a random act of kindness, to miraculously catching my bus when I am late in the morning! I am also grateful for things that WILL happen in my future, such as Vegas in July, and getting engaged, planning a wedding, and even having babies...also excelling in my job is up there too! Well my lovely reader, I am done blogging tonight, just on a side note, there are things to be grateful for all day just need to open those pretty eyes :)

- Love, Laura xoxox

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  1. Sounds like you had a good weekend! Great list of things to be grateful for!