Monday, January 31, 2011

Why hello…Fancy meeting you here! I have decided after MUCH deliberation, this blog will NOT be about any sentimental mumbo-jumbo…and will be about my favorite subject…Fashion/Clothing. Ahh the thrill of finding those perfect skinny jeans that DON’T do the exact opposite or that perfect dress w/ spaghetti straps that doesn’t make your arms look like twine wrapped around 2 big hams…it may take some time and patients, and maybe a friend to hold that skirt together so it won’t bust open..but the proper fitting staples in your closet are worth every penny..and every tear.  I will tell you about my year round favorites and staples …here goes..

I am THE HUGEST fan of tights/leggings. Anyone who knows me, knows that’s almost all I wear most of the time. They can be dressed up and even dressed down. Slap some cute heels or high boots on and your favorite earrings and your good to go out for a night…or wear your favorite baggy sweater or shirt and some flats and your in total chillax mode. I am also a big fan of dresses. I have found cute dresses all over! I have some from Old Navy, H&M, Additionel/Pennington’s, Winners, and even Torrid (which is my addiction..). they work well in spring/summer, especially ones you can just throw on when its hot! I also make sure any dress I own will work with leggings, just in case. As far as skinny jeans, I actually bought my first pair about 7 months ago, and I will admit to being hesitant to wear them at first. Mainly b/c I had over heard my darling sister say “OMG bigger girls should never wear skinny jeans..” So I of course was so self-conscious in them at first, but was told they looked good! I always wear them with a longer top  and a lighter long sweater..always looks great! And they kind of make me feel like a rock star…maybe cuz their dark??? I am not sure ha ha. 

Being a Bigger lady, I always have to be choosey also. I will never be caught dead in  “typical fat girl clothes” as I like to call them…and normally don’t like those kinds of clothes. Thus the reason I shop around at different stores, and I admit the majority of my clothing is black..but I have a few bright colored stuff and its easier to mix and match with the black then to have an all rainbow wardrobe! As far as jewelry…the bigger the better! I have a lot of big fun stuff, and defiantly not for everyone, but I manage to wear it well, I think. I have a lot of BIG weird with a big blue owl and another Big art abstract thing going on lol, long story short, if its Big and/or shiny, I most likely already own it!! In conclusion, I will show you a few items I personally own..or plan on buying to add to my I LOVE spending time mixing and matching different items I’ve never thought of before in my closet so its like a new outfit..I feel it is one of my gifts J Anyways….enjoy!!

- Love, Laura xoxox

I own these boots...LOVE them!                                              These are the skinnies I have..

 These are great for the bedroom or with a dress                                 This dress is SO nice, i might get it!

 I LOVE this..cute belt, and looks effortless!                                  This is a great date dress..or for a special occasion!

This needs no intro...its SUPER sexy!!!


  1. Laura...not to increase your addiction as I have a Torrid one myself (used to have a Lane Bryant one too...damn no shipping to Canada...they have the BEST underwear!!!) but I found a new website:

    Read your blog as soon as yu post...good job.
    Cousin Carly

  2. Thanx cuz!!!!! I will definatly be feeding my addiction on that website!! Thanx.

  3. Love the jeans, the stockings and the dresses! Awesome!