Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Are we SO vain?

I know what you're thinking..another post? SO soon?? But the fact is reader, I have been thinking about this post all day, right after i did my first one, which i will fully admit to doing at work this morning..oops!
SO, really..ARE we SO Vain??  Maybe...

I was an esthetician for quite a few years, and as a professional, I've seen women AND men go through many different procedures, IE) Waxing. Just the word makes most people CRINGE..but the reality of it is, given a GOOD and GENTLE esthetician, such as myself, it can be a, dare I say, bearable procedure..in even the most sensitive areas. I will admit, if you were a pain in my ass bitch client i MAY have not been as gentle as i should have been...but for the most part, i always got compliments. ANYWAYS, there are so many miracle, medical..laser..creams out there, that's is hard to NOT fall into the beauty treatments, no matter how endearing!

As a woman of my stature, i feel the need to perfect the areas of myself people SHOULD notice first. I am a hair product junkie, going through LARGE bottles of hairspray every 2 weeks, endless shampoo/conditioner duos...and the list goes on. Also, i should make a point of saying, i ALWAYS need to have my hair big, thus the reason for all my products, i feel it balances out my middle half lol. Also, i have artificial nails..which i MUST get filled every 2-3 weeks with a different design..which I suppose some might say is a lot of upkeep, and I won't lie to ya, it can be a pain in the ass having to go in and sit there to get em done, but the outcome is fab.

Make-up is ALSO my life. I have a drawer in my bathroom FILLED to the max with my "everyday" stuff..plus a big holt bag full..and a make-up case from beauty school AND another Este-Lauder case filled with crap. And no iam NOT a hoarder, i go through i regularly,but I LOVE make-up...Iam especially a lip gloss junkie. I always joke and say i was basically born with make-up on my face, but sometimes its kind of sad. I cannot leave my house without something on and ever after over 5 years of being together, i HATE the fact my amazing Bf sees me without make-up on sometimes. But when i feel this negativity welling up inside, i smear on my fave lip plumper (Big Fatty lip plumper by Urban Decay) and all those feelings float away...

I will end this blog with something Iam considering doing, nothing drastic. Iam seriously considering getting lash extensions. There is a place here on whyte that specializes in doing them(LINK BELOW). Now, as a girl who is blessed with beautiful eyes and LONG lashes, i just feel it would ad volume and drama. THAT, and they are not like the ones you buy and glue on. These are professionally put on and last 2-3 weeks at a time!! How great is that?? SO great...!! Anyways, this has been long enough, and Iam done with the beauty blog for the night...but there will be more to come!!!!

Question: How far SHOULD we go for Beauty?? How far do you go?

-Love, Laura xoxoxo

Bizou Lash Studio on Facebook

The Picture below has the Left side WITHOUT and Right side WITH...


  1. How far should we go? My answer is as far as we are silling/comfortable.

    After my last run in with a waxer... yes, you know the story, I've taken to trying waxing myself. The finished product was pretty good, but I Still need practice. I'm also going to go to a beauty supply store and see what other options they have there and have fun shopping.

    Thanks for sharing your blog with me Laura!

  2. Thanks for the comment robin...and good luck with your waing!!!

  3. I go as far as what can enhance my natural looks. I too love long dramatic eyelashes but the cost and upkeep of extensions doesn't seem like a great value to me. So I play with the assorted lash extending mascaras and I really like the L'Oreal lash serum. I know it is working because I now get it on my glasses after I've applied it to my lashes. The key, of course, is remembering to apply it but the cost is low and the effect noticeable.

  4. I haven't heard of that stuff??? or maybe im not looking hard enough...i think BEFORE i go and get extensions put on, i might try the regular ones you can buy and glue on...we shall seee...

  5. I've heard that lash extensions are very expensive (up to $400!) plus you already have great lashes! I love artificial lashes if they didn't hit my glasses I would bother with them all the time. I also love waxing, shaving would be such a pain in the butt to do everyday. Thankfully after years of waxing I only have to do it once every few months.

  6. You can get lash extensions that are more perminent and yes they are SUPER expensive, but the place here is cheap and they do a awesome job!! They may not be SO natural looking as the expensive ones or stay on as long but thats ok! And I ALSO love waxing...shaving is a pain in my ass..hehe.