Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Who are you to Criticize anyway?

    "Dedicated to anyone who wonders if I'm writing about them...I am."

     Hello reader. Oh, was my introduction a little "formal" for you? A little "cold shoulder"? Good. My topic is a little cold tonight and perhaps it'll make you uncomfortable. .and maybe cry..fantastic. Grab a tissue and put your damn purse down, it's time to end this tea party.

    Judgments..criticism; is my topic today. Why the HELL are we all so judgmental of each other. .hell, why are we so judgmental of judgments? This whole crazy thought train came about when I first started to dye me hair "crazy" colors. The train then derailed after I just recently dyed it (for the last time) back to a dark-half-human color. Seeing comments like "so much better than that bright red.." or "that green hair HAD to go..". Comments such as those truly make me want to say.."Thanks for the feedback I could really care less about, and you may go fuck yourself on the way out, good sir.." Sounds harsh, but honestly, if you've known me for a good portion of my life, you'd know I don't do anything to PLEASE anyone..and I'll dye my hair, wear fake eyelashes, pierce my face in any way I choose.

    This also goes WAY BACK. I'VE gotten criticism my whole life for how I CHOOSE to look. "Oh you're so beautiful but that hair needs to go..".."why would pierce that beautiful face".."you're so beautiful BUT you should loose weight".etc. what's with all the "You're so beautiful BUT..". I'm quite sure I'm not alone in this, but when you start a compliment with you're beautiful BUT, IT IMMEDIATELY looses all sincerity.

    With that all being said, I'm no angel. My past is filled with jealous judgments and criticism. But, if you were to know me NOW, you'd know I DO NOT judge anyone, EVER. Scouts honor. These days, you're judged if your fat, skinny, bald, too much hair, clothes..and the list goes on. It's fine to be ANY of those things. If you want to be the nicest person earth, you go girl. You want to be get your hate on (good luck with your life without a soul. .Ok I judged haha). You want to be big. .great! You want to be skeletor..fine! You enjoy being someplace in the middle..fucking celebrate!!!
    At the end of the damn day..who really gives a hoot?!! I know I don't. We should probably all stop hating on each other(unless your into I said). Life is so GOD DAMN short, do/wear/feel whatever the fuck you want to do..let ya freak flag fly. And in case you need a break from our criticizing society. .let's grab a drink so I can tell you exactly this: who gives a shot about anyone thinks? When you're on your death bed your sure as hell not going to be thinking "god I wish I cared more about what people thought", NO, your going to thank your god that you did whatever was best for YOU. Take care, freaks.

Love, Laura xoxo

Ps: Deal with all the swearing..but this is a passionate subject..sorry, I'm not sorry!

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