Wednesday, October 2, 2013

I kept it light, so why am in the dark?

Good evening!

Why is it that I always get my zest for blogging, late at night? Well..I guess its only 9:30pm...not THAT Late! ANYWAYS, that's neither here nor topic! I was inspired to write about a few friends "dating" experiences..trials, tribulations...losers...douchebags, etc. So my question is, (you can thank Carrie Bradshaw for this..) "When we try to keep it light, why do we always end up in the Dark?"

Basically this means, in terms of dating, you try to keep things casual/see where it'll go and not read into somehow always land in murky water.  By this I mean, after all the skinned knees and broken hearts, you go into the next one with that typical attitude "I'm not taking anything too seriously" or "lets just see what happens". BUT at the end of the day your 30 years young, after all, and are looking for real love!

Dating is so awkward..I feel that Vince Vaughn said it best via 'Wedding Crashers':
I apologize to you if I don't seem real eager to jump into a forced awkward intimate situation that people like to call dating. I don't like the feeling. You're sitting there, you're wondering do I have food on my face, am I eating, am I talking too much, are they talking enough, am I interested I'm not really interested, should I play like I'm interested but I'm not that interested but I think she might be interested but do I want to be interested but now she's not interested? So all of the sudden I'm getting, I'm starting to get interested... And when am I supposed to kiss her? Do I have to wait for the door cause then it's awkward, it's like well goodnight. Do you do like that ass-out hug? Where you like, you hug each other like this and your ass sticks out cause you're trying not to get too close or do you just go right in and kiss them on the lips or don't kiss them at all? It's very difficult trying to read the situation. And all the while you're just really wondering are we gonna get hopped up enough to make some bad decisions? Perhaps play a little game called "just the tip". Just for a second, just to see how it feels. Or, ouch, ouch you're on my hair.
 I really cannot sum it up any better than that (I seriously LOL'd as I was reading that..).  The point is, date after date..the more serious it gets or the more you see that person, the more questions you have. Is there a future? Do they see a future? Am I crazy pants for even thinking that, this early in the game? I am getting on in my years, so maybe I should broach the subject?? Ah the newness of a relationship is bitter sweet. You meet someone new, and its fun, harmless puppy-love. You both get to start with a fresh new slate. The bitter taste comes with all the questions.

In some cases your questions are quickly answered when said dater, turns into a complete crazy or a douchbag. In the experience of some friends, there is NO time to waste so they STRAIGHT up ask if this person is interested in doing the "Boyfriend/Girlfriend" thing, which I'll admit is risky (even as I am egging them on to do it...YOLO) but it also clears the air of any questions or confusion OR misread signs your being given...or imagining. An inconvenient truth is what that is. Sure you have a little bit of awkwardness after, but I say "shoot em all and let god sort em' out". Although that doesn't really pertain to this situation, but what I mean is...might as well find out now, rather than torturing yourself with the "is he interested", "is she going to let me sleep with her tonight?", etc.

I guess the reason why we always wind up in the dark, is because there is always one party who wants more than the some cases. So you say to yourself, OK, this time I'm just going to see where it is and not fall in love after the first date. But old habits die hard I suppose and there you are !BOOM!, lights out! Now you can't see and you have bumped your shin on the the coffee table..perfect.  To wrap it up reader, Do what you gotta sucks...that why people get married; to end that horrifying awkward line-dancing tradition.

Love, Laura xoxox

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