Friday, February 22, 2013

Love is patient..Love is kind..

    So I’ve sitting around all day AKA working, wondering what to write about…and then it hit me like a ten pound cat-fish! Love…sweet magical, frustrating Love. As the famous Cher quoted “Love don’t need a reason..she can pick you up, or leave you bleeding”. Some of us search our whole life searching for that ONE great love. Some of us find love in other things…maybe your true love is your job, your new baby…your dog. Whatever it is, it’s worth EVERY frustrating, broken heart moment.
    Why do we fall in love SO easy, even when we know it’s not right?  Speaking from personal experience, my aspiration in life is to find and keep great love; I want to be THAT couple that people know they are in presence of GREAT love when around us. YES, I did spend a large chunk (7 years..) of my life with someone I always knew wasn’t exactly right for me. Some would ask, well why would you stay and waste your time? Well, I wouldn’t consider that a waste of time. I suppose you kind of get used to the idea of someone being in your life, and if it works and your happy-ish..why change? As someone who doesn’t like change and enjoys routine, that was right up my alley. We got along, he was my best friend and we had a comfortable life and I think we both just used to it. And sometimes it’s just easier to stay then to leave. Which is kind of sad when you REALLY think about it. Life is SO short, why the HELL do we stay and invest in something that doesn’t make us grow…and we’re just too damn lazy to just make a move….or are we afraid of being, dare I say, ALONE? 
    Sometimes, it takes us meeting that ‘great love” to realize, what exactly, we were missing in our life. That love that makes you question EVERY idea you ever had about life and love in general. And sometimes you have to STOP in your tracks and wonder if this person was created out of your dreams or perhaps someone REALLY is listening to your wishes? People come into your life for many reasons; some stay for a while, and some leave shortly after they’ve entered.  I often used to hear about people finding their “soul mates”, saying “you just know”..”you can feel it”. And I always used to wonder..HOW? HOW can you feel it?? What the HELL does “it” feel like??? But believe ME, when you know you’ve found the person you’re meant to walk this life with, there’s NO more just know.  I remember asking my mom-Faye when she knew my dad was “the one” and she said (without skipping a beat) “after our first date”….THAT is great love at its finest, and I finally understand.
    In conclusion my beautiful reader, I hope that whatever Love you have, it’s great..and NOTHING less than spectacular. That is ALL you deserve, as life is too short to put up with anything less than butterflies…
Love, Laura xoxo

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  1. I'm glad you've found out what it feels like. It's a feeling beyong compare isn't it?

    My old roommate couldn't understand why we got married after knowing each other for only three months - I guess you just have to experience it to know.

    I hope everyone finds out what 'it' feels like :)


    Glad you're happy darling