Monday, March 4, 2013

February wrap-up/March to-do..

Hello you!
To Wrap up this YOGA FEBRUARY, I thought I’d let you know how it went! (PS: YES, I am aware that it is the 4th of March…I am a tad behind, deal with it.)  Since January was a complete BUST, I was determined to make this one GREAT..And guess what? IT WAS!!!!  I bought an unlimited pass at “Still Point Yoga Studio” on Jasper and 112st, which (for NEW students) is ONLY $40!

 Seeing as my Yoga practice was short lived in the past and all I’ve ever really known was HOT yoga, this was a delightful change. The room is heated, but it’s more “toasty” than a typical “sweat-your-bag-off” class I used to take at Moksha Studio.  Yin Yoga has been BY FAR the best class. It’s SO relaxing and I love holding the GOOOOOOOD stretch for longer…and it truly is “moving mediation”. After every class you leave….happy. And stress-free…it's amazing.

 Ah well, just thought I’d get you up to speed on that AND inform you what MARCH will be (a 2-in-one blog..Believe it!!!!!). I have decided to deem this month as “Picture-a-day March”. So I will be instagraming like it’s going out of style. The pictures will range from a cute puppy I saw, to a random stranger I thought looked interesting…(and NO they won't be ALL of me...even though I know you LOVE seeing my beautiful face..)*creeper!*. I will be posting them to my Facebook and perhaps at the end of the month do a run-through in a month-end blog….we’ll see how much gusto I have by then….

 Here’s some from the first 4 days of March:

This is my "sad face"..I sent it to my man-friend via text to make him feel bad...for reasons I cannot explain haha.

Lookin' fresh faced after a relaxing facial with my mumsie!!

I came across this on Pineterest and it made me LOL for REAL!

Ahh Mondays...this is my office (half of it..) and this is actually TIDY compared to what it WILL look like in the next few much paper...its downhill from here.



  1. I'm glad that you enjoyed yoga month :) Do you plan on going still?

  2. Yes I do, I will be starting an 8 week yoga program next week, for something specific...stay tuned and I will be sharing that soon!