Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Resolutions: 12 Months of Goals

Hello Beautiful reader..

 WOWZA! It has been a SUPER longtime since I’ve blogged about ANYTHING!  It seems the last few months have been a bit crazy and I’ve made a lot of changes in my life…for the BETTER! Love lost..Love gained; that old chestnut.  ANYWAYS, I come to you today regarding New Year’s Resolutions. Now, I usually shy away from these types of things, BUT, my brilliance always surprises me. I have decided to do “12 months of Goals”; if you didn’t get that from the on…

 Instead of creating 1 or 2 solid goals for the year, I’m going to make 12 goals (1 for each month) for an entire year.  I feel these will be MORE attainable, as its only for a month. And no, I won’t have a month of “get healthy”, then eat spray cheese for the rest of the year; as I’m on a “get healthy” kick year around. They will be more fun and entertaining!  Below is a list of monthly goals I WILL meet:

 -          “Vegetarian” month

-          “Sober” month (this will most likely be January..)

-          “NO Coffee” month (this also means NO starbucks…ERMEGERD!)

-          “Minimal Make-up” month (only foundation/mascara…I am still considering this one, as it sounds more like a nightmare right now…)

-          “Yoga” month (this one may turns into a weekly thing…dependant on my downward dog capabilities.. >.< )

-          “Picture-a-day” month (YAY for instagram!)

-          “NO swearing” month (all who know me, know this’ll be a difficult month…be prepared for a few “GEE Whizzers”..”GEEZ LOUISE’S”…and plenty of “EHRMEGERDS!!!”

-          “Cook something weird/foreign/complicated” once a week, for a month

-          “Spend more time with friends/family” month ( THIS should be done already…but I’ll make a hard effort for 1 month..that is all ha-ha.)

-          “Just say YES” month (YES to mini-golfing, YES to Starwars, YES to octopus, YES to eating the scorpion in the tequila…etc.)

-          “Talk more, text less” month (so basically CALL instead of text…I know…MIND.BLOWN)

-          “Stop and smell the Roses” month (Basically means I will buy fresh flowers once a week…or maybe more depending on the time of year..)

All in all, I am pretty satisfied with all of those. I mean really, it’s only a MONTH of each of those. And if I so chose, they might carry into other months (such as the no coffee…yoga..roses, etc.). Along with each of these month goals, I will be making a “Happy Jar”. I saw this on Facebook and Pinterest recently! You write down things that happened throughout the year (good of course) and put them in the jar, and on New years Eve of this year, you go through them and see all the amazing things that happened through the year! When I heard of that, I was like DONE!

 Anyways, I will be blogging about each months progress and what goal I’ve chosen for that month. Obviously January’s goal is going to be “Sober month”…as my liver is crying out for it!  Hope you enjoyed this post, my apologies I’ve been slack-a-lackin in the blog department, but get over it :D. Have a truly fantastic day!

 Love, Laura xoxox

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