Thursday, January 3, 2013

January: Sober Month

“A drunk man’s words, are a sober man’s thoughts..”

        So as I am sure you clued in from my last blog, that January is “SOBER MONTH”.  I am actually pretty excited about it; not that I am a ragging alcoholic, but I can literally count on 1 hand how many weekends I’ve been sober since BEFORE October…THAT, my friend, is an inconvenient truth. I’ve been going out almost every weekend, and let me tell you, living like a rock star isn’t cheap….except when you bring in a bottle of rum to the bar…GUILTY!

         I really feel like my liver will thank me. Being a HARD alcohol drinker, I don’t waste time. Vodka is my drug of choice (as is my ol’ stand by JD) and I am a self-proclaimed “power drinker”. Basically, “I don’t waste time” means, I will drink it straight…in some cases from the bottle, but mostly double vodka with a splash of 7-up…hell, I’ve even been doing Vodka-water during my most recent excursions (I know your shuttering at that thought). I’m not a “casual” drinker, being that I don’t have a couple, a few nights a week. I pick 1 day, and go BALLS OUT. Good-times. SO GOOD in fact, I had a verbal run-in at a gay bar last month…too much Patron…too many divas in the room. At that point, I’d say it’s best to put the bottle DOWN.

         I think this goal will be pretty easy to attain. I have no events planned for this month (so far..) and I don’t rely on the hooch at all…I just like to go out and have a good time, and somehow Jagger-bombs find their way to my mouth…HA. I WILL be posting on Facebook if I have a slip up, so you can harass me then about it…don’t tip-toe around my feelings either ha-ha.

 Peace in the middle-east :D

 Love, Laura xoxox


  1. Don't let sober month stop you from attending events though! Just purposely drive or DD. And book a really early yoga class or event or something the next morning that you'll hate yourself for being hungover for.

  2. Oh it definitely won't stop me haha. I just need to cleanse out all these toxins haha! And I am strongly considering the yoga thing, now that you mention it...thanks!

  3. Ahhh Jagger-Bombs... I love them. I really like your whole one a month resolution solution. I think I might try that next year. Looking forward to hear how this month goes!