Monday, March 28, 2011

We accept the Love we THINK we deserve...

The song is by the most amazing singer, Adele. She doesn't have a real video for this, but the song is amazing..enjoy!

Ah the ol Monday night ritual. CRAP wrestling is on and I am free to do what I need to do...tonight features laundry and blogging...I truly live a life of glamour. SO.."we accept the love we think we deserve"..what does it all mean?? is this true?..lets find out my inquisitive reader.

My knight in shinning armour arrived to pick me up after work, and after random "how was your day" small talk, he told me about a friend of his who has gone back to his ex for the THIRD time now. Now, its not my place to tell their story, but I will tell you it involves a lot of emotional abuse and ridiculous drama...but yet he continues to go back. And as my main man told him.."If you want that kind of pain, how bout we go out back, I take your wallet and kick you in the balls?" 

This really got me thinking..people are funny about love. Look around. Look at your friends, co-workers, random strangers...that guy creeping in your window. The love they have in their life is there because THAT'S what they feel they deserve. And I'm not just talking about romantic relationships, its also the type of friends you keep and they way you let your family/strangers treat you.  Lets take a battered gf/wife as a fine example, Most likely (unfortunately) she has VERY low self esteem (the constant emotional/mental abuse doesn't help) and that type of man is all she feels she deserves, why do you think she keeps making excuses for him?? "oh hes stressed at work"..yet his stress is all over YOUR face. Also, why do men/women STAY with people who are cheaters?? Lets all take our Rosie sunglasses off for a moment and speak the truth. You know. You always just don't WANT to believe that this person could do this. Stop lying to yourself...grow a set and leave that douchbaggery. Go strut yourself with someone who would rather kiss your face rather than break it.

You REALLY accept the love you honestly think you deserve. If you think your unworthy of love, your gonna keep shitty company. If you really think your worth something (WHICH you are!) you will find great love..and forget the rest of the scumbags. People will talk all over you if you let them, because that's ALL you think your worth. Remember kids "Don't complain about things you can change". And no, it won't happen over night. You won't wake up one morning and think...."god damn i'm friggen amazing and this guy has punched his last woman". It will take time..and effort, trust me.

On this last can take years before you realize your true worth. And ladies, NO man is worth your tears...and the ones who are, won't make you cry. Anyways, I hope you enjoyed this one...i enjoyed writing it.

- Love, Laura xoxox

Question: Do you KNOW what your worth?? Have you ever let someone make you feel less than that?

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