Monday, September 12, 2011

Diva on a Dime: Homemade Scrubs

Hi Hello!!!

Before you start gettin ALL up in my bizznazz about my lack of video participation..I have been WAITING on some stuff I ordered online to come in to make a new video..BUT in the mean time, this will have to suffice.

HOMEMADE SCRUBS!!!!!! EEE I'm excited...I LOVE exfoliating!! Its an addiciton, a necessary one at that! If you're not an avid exfoliator, you need to become one!!! I was blessed with good skin genes, so I don't get terribly DRY skin and akward patchiness, but being in Alberta, we all suffer from some type of dry skin and SLATHERING on lotion will not work unless your exfoliating. If you don't scrub off the dead skin, your just putting lotion on top of this, and its not able to penetrate into your skin, get it? GOOD.
Enough of my blabbering...enjoy the video doll!

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