Sunday, June 5, 2011

Fun Facts

Somethin' for you to jam too..

Good Evening Reader!!

After much deliberation, I have decided to post 5 FUN facts about me! I know I did a previous blog about "if you really knew me" facts, which some found sad :(. Which it kind of was, but actually it wasn't meant to be sad, just get a true glimpse of who I really am. Anyways, in this one, I'll let you in on a few random/fun facts about me! Here goes...

  • I am OBSESSED with correct pronunciation of words. If you say something i know is pronounced wrong, i will either say it correctly under my breath or blatantly correct you! I am aware this can get annoying, but most times i don't notice I do it!!

  • When i watch a scary movie, i cover most of my face with a blanket, and just let a corner of my eye peek through, as if somehow this provides a barrier between me and the scariness.

  • I bust out into song about a random act i am doing. EX) If i need to photocopy something at work i will sing a jaunty tune to the copier.."making my cooopies...gettin em all done up..". I do this daily..about ANYTHING!

  • Every single person i meet, find interesting on the street, or a passer-by, I wonder/envision what kind of sex they enjoy. This is a WEIRD habit, that I can't help. I always try and guess what they are into...ha! (and yes, most likely I have wondered this about YOU)

  • When i eat ANY meal, NOTHING on my plate must be touching! I have been this way my entire life. I get weird anxiety if its touching, and I usually avoid putting on extra sauces or gravies on anything, except on mashed potatoes, in that case i build a small whole in the middle and add some MAKING SURE it will not spill ANYWHERE. I also eat my least favorite things first and leave my meat for last, UNLESS i have some kind of potato..then that is last. ( i know I'm so damn weird...but i have a system)
There you have it! I know, I'm crazed, but I'm sure other people have weirder things about them! Hope you giggled a few times!!!

Love, Laura xoxox

QUESTION: What are some weird facts about yourself??? please tell!!! :D


  1. High five for food NOT touching and for eating foods one at a time! It used to drive my mother crazy when I insisted everything be separated, but if things were supposed to e all mixed up they would be one food.

  2. omg i could NOT agree more!!!! My family and friends sometimes purposly push my foods into be funny. There is NOTHING funny about "mixin it up" lol